The Hippest Drinking Water by Aqua and Sebastian Gunawan

You probably had read the news from our tweets that Aqua launched Aqua Reflections and the bottle was designed by Sebastian Gunawan. After uploading the picture of Aqua Reflections bottle to our Twitter account, lots of good comments came in. Apparently Aqua Reflections won the hearts of many people. So, I guess it deserves further write ups after those tweets.

Aqua isn’t the first drinking water brand which collaborates with fashion designer to design the bottle; for example, Evian did it with Jean Paul Gaultier, Paul Smith and Issey Miyake. However, Aqua made a revolutionary in Indonesia. This most reputable drinking water in Indonesia launched Aqua Reflections targeted for premium market. The philosophy behind the name is a reflection of personality that moves forward, dynamic, modern and balanced with healthy body.

Sebastian Gunawan is the right person to transform the philosophy into Aqua Reflections bottle design. Inspired by nature, he took the image of bamboo to be infused in the design. He created bamboo plaiting motif that also looks like modern-style batik. He stated that he also wanted to present decorative element that is both elegant and beautiful.

Can’t wait to grab a bottle of Aqua Reflections? Be patient because the distribution will start to roll out around July 1, 2011. Moreover, it will be available only at Indonesia’s best hotels, restaurants and cafes. Feel free to bring the bottle home once you’ve got it. While the distribution to retail will start next year. That means you won’t find Aqua Reflections for sale in mini market or the likes until next year. What do you think? Are you going to hunt for these Aqua Reflections?