White is The New Black

White has never gone out of fashion, but now is the perfect time to take out all your white clothes out of your wardrobe. The trend is set as various designers features white in their resort 2012 collection. The designers aren’t wrong, crisp white looks just as sophisticated as black. Moreover, white is great to be worn in our sunny climate. Not just in a piece of shirt or pants, white is infused to the whole outfits. People might fear a total white in their outfit for various reason; some thinks that it will make them look big, while some maybe afraid of being mistaken for a doctor. But we mustn’t surrender to our fear when it comes to fashion. Learn the tricks and be confident to wear an all-white outfit.

Monochromatic is the key

When you chose to wear several pieces of clothes or layering them, don’t hesitate to choose the same white color. It will give the illusion of taller body because two or more colors will break your body length.

Pick a dress that fits

If you’re afraid to look big with white dress, pick one that fits your body perfectly; the one that is not too tight nor too loose. Defined waist is great to create a slimmer silhouette.

Get the right white material

Since white is already bright, choose material that doesn’t reflect shine such as cotton or lace. Shinny material like satin reflects light so it will make you look big in white. Also, don’t forget the comfort factor when you chose the fabric.

Find the most suitable tone for your skin

If you still feel uncomfortable to wear pure white outfit, you can select another shades from white palette such as off white or ivory. When your skin is really fair, don’t chose white that has greyish tone or a hint of blue because it will make you look pale. If you have tanned skin and you don’t want to look contrast with the clothes, go for off white.

Don’t forget the accessories

Adding a pop of colors by accessorizing will make your white outfit more alive. White goes well with almost all colors, from bright hues to neutral tones. So, it’s better to wear accessories with other colors besides white. You don’t want too look ‘drowned’ in white, do you?

If all my suggestions above still fail to convince you to wear and all-white outfit, how about starting up your collection with white accessories? I believe that you can pair white handbag or glasses with most of your clothes.

So would you wear an all-white outfit? Have any tips you’d like to share with us?