Pack Smart for Your Holiday

Don’t be surprised if we bombard you with holiday related articles. Since it’s already the holiday season, we ourselves are dying for one! I myself plan to visit my family in Malang sometime next week. What about you?

The most important thing when you go for a holiday is how to pack your stuff smartly. You don’t want to run out of items to use, but you also don’t want to bring too much. Another thing about packing is that how do you fit everything into a suitcase?

Consider the following before you pack.

Bring the essential

Think about the holiday destination that you’re about to go, that way you get the theme for the clothes that you need. For a vacation on the beach or at area where the weather is hot you will want to bring light clothing articles. Whereas if you want to go to a colder place, you would want to consider what outerwear and layering articles that you can use.

Secondly, count the days that you will spend on the holiday destination. Combine that with the activity that you’re about to do there. Whether you will need all relaxed attires or there will be one or two more formal occasions. Do the math on what clothes you can reuse or layer and fit them into the days and activity. Picture yourself in the various look combinations for the different time and activity, that way you will have the rough number of clothes that you will need. Bring an extra pair of clothes, bottom and dress, just in case any out of the blue plan pops out.

Get the most out of your suitcase space

You don’t need to take the largest suitcase, but you only need to pack them smartly. Use these traveling organizer to separate your clothes, underwear and shoes. It’s also especially useful when you’re traveling with kids because their clothes tends to be really small and it’s sometimes hard to find them under the sea of grown up clothes. It also helps to separate your lighter clothes with the heavier ones, they too tend to  get lost between other stuff easily. Slip in socks, t-shirt that you can roll up or other tiny stuff at the side to use all the space available. You can easily find these travel organizer from Market Plaza at Pheebs and The Butterfly Wings or at Muji and Hellolulu.

One other tis that I learned from Syita, is to bring yourself a vacuum bag. So you can use it to store your dirty clothes and make room for your souvenir and new stuff on the way back home. This vacuum bag can be found at Ace Hardware.

Bring smaller sized skincare and multipurpose cosmetics

For skincare, bring a travel size skincare or transfer your skincare into smaller bottle and jar. It will save you enormous space. Whereas for makeup, think about multipurpose product. For instance, cream blush that you can also use as lipstick. For more ideas about what makeup you can bring, you can read our article here.

If you need to get yourself small sized bottles to transfer your skincare to, head down to Muji, they have various sizes available and they also have many toiletries organizer. I found that toiletries organizer and cosmetic organizer really help to organize these small item, at Market Plaza you can find them at Myria Rafiz thread.

Think about hand carry luggage

You never know what happens when you’re traveling right? There’s always a slight chance that the airline might lose your luggage. Think about this possibility and bring yourself an emergency kit with you on your hand carry bag. Such as a set of clothes, pajama, medicine and anything that you consider essential to you and you can’t live without.

I also prefer four wheelers luggage as they’re easier to carry.

Have any other packing tips that you can share with us? Don’t forget to share it with us at the comment box!