Mattifying and Hydrating Foaming Wash from Aqualabel

You must be thinking how many facial foams I have by the amount of the products I’ve reviewed? Well at any given time, I always have at least three. I’m always easily tempted to get foaming wash or cleansing product because I think it’s the easiest way to know whether a particular skincare line will suit me or not. That and the fact that you need to replace those two products far more often than your moisturizer and serum.

I’ve been hearing about the skincare line Aqualabel for a very long time. It’s a skincare line sold at drugstore that is produced by Shiseido and said to be the number one mass selling skincare line in Japan. I’m quite happy to know that Aqualabel is now available in Watson Singapore, so I picked up the foaming wash and cleanser during my last visit there.

Just briefly, in Singapore they have three different lines for Aqualabel; red for moisturizing, blue for whitening and green for anti-acne whitening care. I have seen a purple line for anti aging from Hong Kong but haven’t seen them anywhere else, including online shop.

Foaming wash that I picked up was Aqualabel White Clear Foam from the blue line that is their whitening line. Unlike many Japanese whitening skincare product – Hada Labo for instance – that uses Arbutin as its whitening agent, Aqualabel uses M-tranexamic Acid which is said to have higher efficacy in targeting pigmentation problems by inhibiting melanocytes (the cause of melanine build up that will leave your face with pigmentation) from producing over-active melanin. M-tranexamic is also used in one of Shiseido’s star product Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum. I chose this because it has a granules of hyaluronic acid that will keep your skin moist but also white clay powder that will leave your skin not oily. So even though it will mattify your skin but it will not strip your skin of the essential moisture that it needs.

You will need only a pea size of this product and I will let it bubble up to a nice thick foam before applying it to my face. What I like is that the foam created by this product is really dense and right away my face felt clean. Maybe because it mattifies my skin so that I feel like all the dirt have been removed. You can also feel the Hyaluronic Acid granules softly massaging your skin. I don’t recommend massage it too hard, just lightly so that it will not scratch your skin.

After I washed away the foam my face felt very matte, usually I wouldn’t like this feeling at all because I have very dry skin. However, even though it leaves my skin matte but it doesn’t strip away the moisture therefore I don’t have any problem afterward. I also read that this foaming wash will lift up old keratin cells that contains melanin that will make your skin looks dull. What I instantly saw was a healthier complexion after I used this product.

Aqualabel White Clear Foam cost SGD 16.90 and you can find in in Watson island wide. You can also purchase it online from Adam Beauty.What I love about this product is that it makes my face matte but not flaky. Making application of my serum and moisturizer easy. What I don’t like? Maybe the granules bother me a bit, because I’m afraid it would be too rough for my eyes area but like I said I always massage it lightly. Another thing that I hate, it’s not available here!

Overall I love this product. Definitely one of those value for money cleansers I’ve bought.