Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman

I must admit that I don’t have any personal style. I love to try various styles and the outfits I wear depend on my mood and activity. Dressing to look more mature is no exception. On a day when I had to attend a boutique launch and a media conference, the idea to look more grown up came up. So this is how I look that day:

When I saw the skirt, I thought this is the perfect skirt to be worn for my thesis examination. The exam’s dresscode includes a black formal skirt so I bought it. I really love its peplum detail, and plus, it hides my tummy bulge. But I haven’t finished doing my thesis yet and the skirt seemed too cute to be kept until the examination. So I decided to take the skirt from my closet and donned it. Then I picked my beige sleeveless shirt to match the skirt. I own the shirt since I was in junior high school but I guess it still looks okay with its versatile design. Although the skirt has peplum and the shirt has ruffles, adding my multi-chain necklace wouldn’t make me look too much.

For the hairdo, I slipped a bumpit inside the crown of my hair to give volume and created a simple chignon at the back. The bumpit I got from Treasurebox in our forum is very easy to wear. It is made of velcro that sticks to the hair without having to use any bobby pin or hairspray. No wonder I could finish this hairstyle in less than 5 minutes. And voila! I successfully completed my whole look and I thought I heard Britney Spears singing the song :D

  • Bumpit: Treasurebox
  • Shirt: unbranded (forgot where I bought. It was long time ago)
  • Skirt: ITC Mangga Dua
  • Necklace: M. Haskell, ROCOCO
  • Watch: Casio vintage
  • Shoes: Viccari, Mal Ciputra