Natural Beauty Experiences in One Stop

What could be more fun than having facial spa with skincare products made of natural ingredienst? Especially when you need to relax after walking around the mall. Knowing what most women want, Pond’s is now holding Pond’s White Beauty Naturals roadshow in 4 big cities in Indonesia; Jakarta, Bandung, Jogjakarta and Surabaya. It started in Fountain Area of Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, Jakarta, June 1-5, 2011.

When I got the invitation to the event, I thought that it would be another beauty product launch. I was wrong. Beside the great product that Pond’s launched, the guest were also able to enjoy facial spa, had skin consultation with Pond’s beautician and met Pond’s White Beauty Naturals ambassador, Pevita Pearce.

This event was held to launch Pond’s White Beauty Naturals that contains camellia leaf extract and Vitamin B3.  The product range consists of Pond’s White Beauty Naturals Facial Foam, Pond’s White Beauty Naturals Day Cream and Pond’s White Beauty Naturals Night Treatment. Because of its ingredients, Pond’s White Beauty Naturals is able to make skin look brighter by locking up melanin production beneath the skin and work as antioxidant that protects skin from free-radical damage and prevents the skin to look dull. I won’t go into further detail here, because I think this product deserves its own full review.

During the launch of Pond’s Natural, in Grand Indonesia they also set a temporary Pond’s Natural Facial Spa in collaboration with Sanctum Kenko Reflexology. Two things that I did at the facial spa were:

  • Check my skin condition while queuing for my turn. Here, people can have their skin check to analyze the condition and the type of their skin. The skin check also reveals some skin problem even when it can’t be seen with our naked eyes; for example the dark spots beneath the skin or slight wrinkles around the face.
  • Tried the acupressure massage treatment. Before starting the treatment, my face was cleansed with Pond’s White Beauty Milk Cleanser by the therapist. She massaged my face lightly to remove makeup and the dirt. Then she washed my face with Pond’s White Beauty Naturals Facial Foam and applied Pond’s White Beauty Naturals Day Cream. Both products smell so fresh that the facial spa felt both relaxing and energizing to me. Then my face was massaged gently and I felt truly pampered. She therapist also did acupressure by pressing some spots on my face with the tips of her fingers. It might sound to0 good to be true but the headache I suffered since the morning slightly disappeared after the treatment. So, I believe that it stimulated blood circulation to my face and head.

If you want to experience the Pond’s White Beauty Naturals camellia leaf’s miracle,why wait? Go get Pond’s White Beauty Naturals now or go to its roadshow. Here is the upcoming schedule:

  • In Bandung, the roadshow will be on Glamour Level Plaza de Illuminato, Paris Van Java, Juli 2-3, 2011.
  • In Jogjakarta, it will be in Atrium Malioboro Mall, July 16-17, 2011.
  • And the last one will be in Surabaya in Atrium Tunjungan Plaza 3, July 23-24, 2011.