In the Mood for Holiday?

Anyone already in the mood for holiday? I am! We have a family trip planned for this upcoming holiday season, which we really hope will pull through. Really can’t wait to go on a vacation!

What about you? Have you and your partner decided where to go? How about to get your partner in a holiday mood, you buy something for the both of you?

  1. What better way to send you on a holiday mood than a scent that, in just one whiff, can take you to a secluded beach somewhere, that no work will be able to reach you? Try JLo Blue Glow with a fruity floral scent that will send you off packing immediately because you just want that smile to last. It has a mangosteen, valencia orange and red currant blossom for top notes. A fresh wild water lily, shimmering water accord, vintage rose and vanilla orchid on the middle notes. Finishes off with calming cedarwood, mahogany wood, florymoss and venezuelan tonka bean. Whereas for him, you can get Calvin Klein Eternity Aqua that gives the scent of the freshness of the ocean. JLo Blue Glow cost Rp 875,000 for 100 ml and Calvin Klein Eternity Aqua cost Rp 895,000 for 100 ml, both Eau de Toilette.
  2. A pair of sunglasses is an absolute must if you want to go to the beach, right? For me, I just need a reason to get myself a new pair :) These pairs from Armani Exchange (Rp 752,250) for him and Giorgio Armani (Rp 1,606,500) for you would be just the perfect pair to go for that ‘Holiday In Style’ look. Both sunglasses can be bought from Rakuten in just a few clicks, which newly opened this month.
  3. Lastly, of course a pair of new sandals that will take you on that walk of holiday to remember. Give this relaxed looking H.E. by Mango sandals (Rp 899,000) that still look stylish yet comfortable. As for you, it’s time to splurge on this Melissa Violatta that you can just take to the water without worrying they will be ruined. You can get it at Pedder Red for Rp 899,000.

And the last thing to do is of course book the ticket for your holiday destination!