What’s Scarier Than Having Wrinkles?

It’s realizing that your hair is thinning!

Well, at least that’s how it is in my case. We’ve heard so much about wrinkles and how to prevent them for as long as possible and we’ve tried variety of products, but we don’t really hear that much about balding, receding hairlines and other hair problems. At the very least, wrinkles don’t change your appearance drastically. True, you’d look older but at least you can hope that one can see the beauty and the story behind the fine lines. Not to mention that wrinkles can also be camouflaged, at least you can wear the brightest lipstick and pray that all eyes will focus on the lips instead. But hair? There’s not much you can do once they have decided to stop growing.

So all hell broke lose when Roberto (the stylist at Alfons Panglima Polim) told me my hair is thinning on the top part and showed me quite a chunk of hair falls :( He then added that the growth on the top part is not as rapid as on the other sides. One pore can grow three shafts of hair on the other side but on the top part, it’s only one or worse there’s no hair at all. He said I need to do scalp treatment regularly, forget about coloring or smoothing my hair and I also need to keep them short to avoid heaviness that can cause more hair loss.

The following week I went to Shunji Matsuo for scalp treatment which starts from Rp 350,000 / session. The reason why I went there was because that’s the only place I’ve heard about hair treatment, but maybe Kerastase has something like that too. The whole treatment took only an hour, I’m always amazed by the efficiency of Shunji Matsuo staff. Maybe it’s the Japanese in them that do everything really fast.

2.10: I went in and got my hair diagnosed right away to see where the problem lied.

2.15: My hair was rinsed. I forgot if it was shampooed or not, but I don’t think it was.

2.20: My hair was given clarifying oil all over the scalp to clean up the root of the hair. The roots are where bacteria gathers due to product buildup that can prevent oxygen from reaching the roots, thus blocking blood supply that brings vital nutrients. And then I got a massage a little bit.

2.35: Shampoo time. Oh this has got to be my favorite part because I love the cooling sensation from the minty shampoo that he used. It was so refreshing, I felt like the whole scalp had been cleaned and not a small part, even a dot, was left behind. I remember thinking that I needed to come back here when I get a migraine, because I’m sure the tingling sensation will take the migraine away in an instant.

2.45: Once my hair was towel dried,  scalp stimulator vitamin was given

2. 55: Hair tonic and blow dry time by Takeda. I love how she effortlessly blowdried my hair and they fell out beautifully, too bad all I had was this crappy picture.

If you want to try the scalp treatment at Shunji Matsuo, on July 7th, 2011 they will be celebrating their 1st Anniversary and you can get 50% discount for all services (terms and conditions apply). For booking you can contact 021- 32229750 / 7278 6760.