Today’s Outfit: Checkered and Stripes

So this is how I look when I just whipped up an outfit from my closet without checking on a full body mirror before stepping out of the house :D.I like the color combination but the top part of the skirt is a bit puffy, so it’s better to have the top tucked in. That way, it’ll create a nicer silhouette than this one that seems to add more pounds to my figure and make the cute skirt looks plain. Oh well, it’s Friday and I couldn’t be bothered :)

  • H&M black and white checkered top
  • unbranded belt
  • Vera Wang for Kohls skirt
  • Mango peep toe shoes


This is what I wore on Saturday. Most of my weekends are consists of t-shirts, denims and wedges. I recently got this t-shirt for only IDR 79,000 and one of the most comfiest t-shirt I own. I want to wear it outside, inside and sleep with it.

  • Forever 21 stripes t-shirt
  • Sole Mio denim skirt
  • Zara wedges
  • Chanel Baby Cabas bag