Beginner in Makeup? Read This First!

If you don’t know how to apply makeup, trust me, we all once experienced that!

Nowadays, I took for granted my fondness toward makeup. The air of ease that makeup gives me each morning when I’m prepping up for work sometimes makes me feel as if I was just born with the skill to do my makeup routine. Of course that is not true. Everyone has to start somewhere.

There were time of course in the past that when makeup seemed to be nothing but a big challenge for me. Seeing the glossy image of perfect makeup in the fashion magazine always made me wonder when I would ever have the skill to do all that.

So if you’re a beginner in makeup, here are few common mistakes that people do:

  1. Foundation or powder should make your complexion or shades lighter.
  2. You should stick with neutral or brown eyeshadow for daily use and other colours are just not wearable.
  3. The best tool to apply your makeup is your finger.
  4. Eyeliner and mascara should be used as much as possible.
  5. Makeup can cover your acne scars.

The answers to all of the above are WRONG! If you’ve come to acceptance that every point mentioned above is wrong then we can continue with the right answers.

If you’re a beginner, below are couple of tips and suggestion to get you going in the right direction:

  1. Foundation should be the same shade as your skin. Not a shade lighter or darker. Just the same tone as yours. Wearing a foundation that is not in your shade will only make you look like you’re wearing a mask. Also, wearing a foundation that is not within your tone will only make your face looks greyish. To understand more about skintone – cool, warm and anything in between – we’ve got just the right thread to discuss about it. Ask other Female Daily members about anything if you have any question so you’ll have a clue about your own skin tone and the most suitable foundation shade for you. If you’re wondering what formula of foundation, read this article to give you a head start. Still confused? Visit the foundation thread.
  2. Absolutely no! Brown and neutral tone eyeshadow will suit everyone. But there are so many other colour combination that will work for everyone at every situation! If you feel unsure, why don’t you head down to our FOTD threads and look for inspiration from real people like you and me who post their daily makeup look that they actually use for the office, campus or whatever everyday activity they go through.
  3. Our fingers are one of the greatest gifts that God has given us. However, believe me they’re not the best tools to do your makeup. Every part of your face has their own perfect brush to be used, so use brushes for applying makeup instead of your fingers. From face brush to eye brush, it has its own tools! If you’re a beginner, invest in at least couple of brushes – caters for eyes, face and lips. If you’re confused read our brushes for beginner guide. Have a question regarding brush? Worry not, because our cosmetic brushes thread will help you answer your question.
  4. Mascara and eyeliner should always be used wisely. For day to day use you will only need to wear it just enough to make your eyes pop. Unless you want to create certain effect, you don’t need to overdo them both. Less is, most of the time, more.
  5. Makeup can cover imperfection such as acne scar but only the redness caused by it or black scar mark caused by it. It can also cover black undereye, broken capillaries and other imperfection through the use of concealer combined with foundation. However, if you expect it to also correct the texture of your skin, it will not work. It will only help to correct the color to some degree but never the texture. Have any question regarding concealer? Head down to our concealer thread.

With those suggestions above, I’ll leave you to decide how to use makeup more wisely. Remember, you’re not going to be the new kid on the block forever. Event hough today, you mark yourself as a makeup novice. One day, you will become the expert. Like I said, we were all there once.

And of course, if you want to learn about basic makeup application, a great place to start is our Kelas Dandan FD! And guess what, we’re going to hold another one very very soon!

We’re going to announce the detail in a short while so do visit us often because, trust me when I say this, you do not want to miss it!