7 Days with Local Label: Affi

Remember this post? Hanzky showed us her outfits for 7 consecutive days where she wore a local label/product every single day. Deszell and I actually gave ourselves the same challenge and I completed mine months ago, but because the pictures were taken using different cameras by different people, when it came to posting them, some pics were missing :(

This time I was determined to start over and made sure the photos are transferred into my laptop right after I took them and I did it! Here are my outfits from 8th of June – 15th of June 2011!

Day 1

I decided to kick up the challenge by wearing several local products in one outfit on the first day. I actually didn’t go anywhere and just stayed in the office all day long which made everyone ask “Where are you going all dressed up today?” Mental note: must make sure I dress up nicely everyday.

  • XSML top
  • Levi’s jeans
  • Go Jane booties
  • House of Leather bag
  • Alun-Alun Indonesia necklace
  • Topshop bangles

Day 2

I had a meeting at Citos about an exciting Mommies Daily project, which we’ll reveal soon. We had lunch Go Curry after the meeting, which totally had nothing to do with my outfits, I just wanted to tell you how I love the green curry there :D

  • XSML top
  • Guess jeans
  • Miu Miu shoes
  • House of Leather bag
  • vintage necklace
  • Charles & Keith sunnies
  • Hellolulu laptop bag

Day 3

It was an easy breezy Friday at the office which explains my outfit, which wouldn’t look out of place in the streets of Seminyak :D That day was also Syita‘s birthday and there was so much food in the office I thought my stomach was going to explode!

  • Cotton dress from Bali
  • Batten Clothing shoulder cape
  • H&M sandals
  • Origo bracelet

Day 4

Hanzky and I were speaking at Startup Lokal Meet Up at JCC that day. The topic was about building community and of course we proudly talked about our own wonderful community :) Sharing about this topic always makes me feel alive and I could feel passion running through every vein in my body. That’s how much I love my job!

  • Geulis cropped blazer
  • Warehouse black tank top
  • Levi’s jeans
  • Go Jane booties
  • Jim Thompson bag
  • vintage necklace

Day 5

It was a Sunday! I attended a country fair at my nephew’s school at British International School and it was such a fun day! There were games, performances, bazaar, etc and Aluf had a great time too. But it was also very hot there, which made me glad I decided to just dress in white tee and jeans

  • Cotton Ink shirt
  • Unbranded denim
  • H&M sandals

Day 6

I actually didn’t have to go anywhere that day but I found this shift dress which I’ve owned for 5-6 years yet I only wore 4 times. Since it’s from a local label, I decided to take it outside. As it turned out, I received a happy news that day. I was shortlisted as one of the finalists for International Young Creative Entrepreneur 2011 in both Interactive and Fashion sectors! If I win it (knock on wood), I will compete for the international title in London! Isn’t that exciting?

  • Vesperine shift dress
  • Etcetera tank top
  • Zoe Wittner wedges
  • Necklace a gift from my best friend

Day 7

I was planning to go to a party that day but suddenly found myself inundated with work so I decided to skip it and do an overtime instead. But as you can see, I already sort of dressed for a party :)

  • Milcah top
  • Marks & Spencer pencil skirt
  • Guess shoes
  • Tiffany and Origo bracelet