The Secrets To Healthy Scalp

Some myths often mislead us in getting the proper treatment for our hair and scalp. What we maintain the most is usually the health of our hair. While in fact, the right treatment for scalp is as important as hair treatment. Not only that, we need to understand that the condition between men’s and women’s scalps are different. Thus they need different treatment too.

To reveal the secret to healthy hair and scalp, more than 80 scalp specialists, scientists, hairdressers and beauty editors from 8 countries in Asia gathered to join CLEAR Technology Expo in Shanghai last month. Scalp scientists Dr. Hendra Wong and Dr. Susi Wong, also professional hair stylist Michael Zimbalist, who were among the team in that event, shared their knowledge:

1. Healthy hair really depends on the condition of the scalp. Various hair problems like dandruff, dry scalp and hair fall are caused by unhealthy scalp.

2. When scalp condition is getting worse, for example when it turns into scaly, itchy or irritated scalp, consult the problem to a doctor. Don’t just rely on hairstylist.

3. Even when your scalp is itchy, don’t scratch it with your nail. You just need to massage your scalp gently. When shampooing, use the tips of our fingers and our palm instead of our nails.

4. You don’t have to leave the shampoo on your hair for a while. The nutrient from the shampoo is absorbed already when it is foamed.

5. Brush our hair and scalp with wooden-bristle comb before sleeping to stimulate blood circulation.

6. Any kind of hair styling product is supposed to be applied on hair, not on the scalp. So keep the hairspray, hairstyling gel, and even conditioner away from your scalp

7. Use hair care products that are formulated for women. For men, chose the products that are dedicated for you.

To answer the need of different hair care for both men and women, CLEAR launched CLEAR Nutrium 10. Pro-Nutrium 10 for men washes dead skin cell away from the scalp, gives nutrient and maintains scalp health to combat dandruff, dryness and hair fall. The variants for men are CLEAR Complete Soft Care MEN, CLEAR Ice Cool Menthol MEN and CLEAR Anti Hair Fall MEN. While Nutrient 10 contained in women shampoo has the benefit to give moisture, vitamin and mineral for hair strength, making it soft and smooth, and prevent dandruff, dryness and hair fall too. The women may chose from among 4 variants; CLEAR Soft and Shiny, CLEAR Anti Hair Fall, CLEAR Complete Soft Care and CLEAR Ice Cool Menthol.

All products from CLEAR Nutrium 10 were launched together with the introduction of new CLEAR ambassadors. Previously, CLEAR just had Sandra Dewi and Ello as its Indonesian ambassadors. Now Sherina and Irfan Bachdim joined the big family too as CLEAR ambassadors.

So do you have any scalp problems that I mentioned above? What do you do to deal with them?