Iwan Tirta Private Collection Keeps Batik Alive

“Batik should always be worn to keep its meaning alive,” that’s what Iwan Tirta told to Daniel Sugiharto, Chief Director of Iwan Tirta Private Collection. The quote also inspired Daniel to continue Iwan Tirta’s dream with strong commitment. Iwan Tirta also wanted to make batik more popular for both Indonesian and international people. To realize the dream, Iwan Tirta Private Collection established its new boutique, the fifth Iwan Tirta Private Collection boutique in Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, East Mall, UG floor.

Iwan Tirta Private Collection carries a wide variety of exclusive hand-made batik with luxurious materials like superfine cotton, silk, organza and linen. Each of the cloth is a unique masterpiece that carefully designed and hand-printed which may take several months up to a year to finish. The cloth is transformed into selendang (stole), scarves, dresses, evening gown and formal men shirts. If it’s avant garde batik wear that you’re looking for, Iwan Tirta Private Collection is surely the place.

During the grand openingĀ  of Iwan Tirta Private Collection in Grand Indonesia, the company also announced its collaboration with Bosowa Rally Team in a mission to introduce batik to international stage. Batik from Iwan Tirta Private Collection comes as the motif in Bosowa Rally Team’s uniforms, helmets and cars. They will be worn by the team when competing in international level. The idea of this collaboration emerged when Bosowa Rally Team won Best Team Outfit category because the wore batik as the uniform. Then Iwan Tirta offered to support the team through Iwan Tirta Private Collection.

Another good thing also introduced during the grand opening, Iwan Tirta Private Collection launched its new collection titled “Upper East Siders”. It is named so because the collection was inspired by style of the people who live in Upper East Side neighborhood in Manhattan, in New York City. With simple cutting and detail, the collection looks elegant with batik as the material. Dresses with ruffles are mostly made of cotton batik, while draped-dresses are made of silk batik. All of them look fresh and clean, especially when you compare them with previous collection “The Flapperwork” that is adorned with many details.

“Upper” by Iwan Tirta Private Collection: