FD Garden Party the Report

What: FD Garden Party

When: Saturday, 7 May 2011

Where: Museum Seni Rupa & Keramik


When we we were first approached by British Council to support their Mystery of Batavia programme, we couldn’t possibly say no. We had an offer to use one of the venue at Kota Tua to hold community event for our Female Daily network. We instantly said yes, although the idea of Garden Party came later after we Affi and I visited Kota Tua and decided the courtyard of Museum Seni Rupa & Keramik would look so perfect for a garden party in the afternoon.

It’s been a while since we held our big gathering, so we thought, that was it! Everyone can finally meet up with other members and chat face to face in an intimate setting of Kota Tua.

Thanks to Pond’s Gold Radiance and Sunsilk who extended their support to make this event happened! Anyway, you can follow both Pond’s and Sunsilk on Twitter if you want to know more about both of them.

What Happened:

The event started at 4 PM where one by one Female Daily members came in their best vintage-inspired outfit and some in their traditional outfit. The courtyard was filled with Batavian street food vendors that parked their gerobak and served delicious food. Our MC Amy Zein, also a long time member of the forum, opened the event by introducing Hanzky and Affi where they told us the story of how Female Daily began and introduced to the members the changes that we brought to Fashionese Daily and Female Daily. So how do you like our new layout so far? If you still have comments you can leave them on our forum or Affi’s post.

The event continued with Cotton Ink fashion show with Flats for Jade and Ciciero Bag, where ten Female Daily members become the models; Pheebee, Bebekecil, Mada Foe, Sylvia_Angelina, Leona2307, Tje2P, Okta, Kokoya, Ketupatkartini and toet_toet. Thanks to Thornandes who have helped us choreograph the fashion show and Helen PinkQ for the beautiful makeup :)

The Trees and The Wild with their acoustic music entertained us that afternoon under the rain that finally poured and finally took the guests of FD Garden Party to the grand ballroom of the Museum, where the event continued with lots of exciting games and doorprizes. These are all thanks to Cotton Ink, Flats for Jade, Magenta Wardrobe, Lucy Treasurebox, Burberry Perfume, Shunji Matsuo, Caramello Sugar-Waxing Shop, Ciciero, Frozzy Pop, Warung Barang Antik.

In case you’re wondering, Solaia with her Noni Belanda look won the best dressed prize; a Kate Spade bag from Magenta Wardrobe! Check out her style!

What’s Next?

Remember we told you to post photos of the event on the event report thread? Because we have 2 vouchers with Rp 500,000 from Shunji Matsuo to give away to the best photos winner. So congratulation to Marcie and Yokekomik, who each won Rp 500,000 voucher from Shunji Matsuo.

We would like to also hear from you all what other exciting evenst you want us to make, because after all we want to make something that everyone would enjoy to come to. And once again thank you for the sponsors who have supported us and Female Daily members for sticking us all this while. Hope we’ll see you soon :)