Effortless Oriental Beauty by Biyan

Biyan once again wow us at his annual fashion show titled ‘The Orient Revisited’ where he showed 100 new collections for 2011 at Hotel Mulia last night. “It’s more about Asian art influence and Chinoiseries in a modern spirit” explained Biyan in his press release about the collections.

Biyan’s new collections are heavy with oriental motif which reminds you of the chinese porcelain, with lots of flora and fauna motifs, pagoda and landscape scenery and toile du jouy. However traditional the elements Biyan put together, there’s nothing traditional at all about the whole finished look.

When you see Biyan runway collection, the word majestic will come to mind. The selection of textile, the technique presented on each of the pieces and the beautiful beading details that never fail to amaze us. But how does one really translate these majestic feel into looks? Maybe one needs to see it from a simpler perspective. Although it’s hard to imagine simple when you see bold embroidery, rich patterns and magnificent graphical beadworks. But the relax silhouettes really made every look assembled have an aura of ease.

1. Boxy jackets and wide trousers

2. Shirt that peeks through

3. Tunic over pants

4. Colour blocking

5. Volume Vs straight silhouette

6. Pattern Clashing