10 Things You Can Do At Sunsilk Hair Studio

If someone asked me what salon one should visit in Jakarta, I would say Sunsilk Hair Studio.  Located in East Mall, 2nd floor of Grand Indonesia shopping town, Sunsilk Hair Studio was built on a  580-square meter area. It is so spacious that Sunsilk Hair Studio is divided into two sections facing each other. Here are 10 things you can do at Sunsilk Hair Studio, make sure you read them all so you won’t miss anything when you visit this fabulous place.

1. Get hair consultation with the expert

First of all, it is better to consult with the stylist there before deciding any treatment or styling. You will get useful information about the health of your hair, the condition of your scalp and hair shaft. Once you know, you’ll be able to decide what treatment or styling that suits your hair.

2.  Choose the hairstyling “menu” from 7 hair trends created by Qiqi Franky

Collaborating with Qiqi Franky, one of Indonesian best hair and makeup experts, Sunsilk Hair Studio offers 7 hair trends that reflect 7 variants of Sunsilk products and also represent various hair characteristics that Indonesian women have. Sunsilk Hair Studio stated that it is the first salon ever which offers hairstyling menu; they are Fierce Crop, Ponytail Upper East, Perfect Waves, Hollywood New Age, First Lady and Retro Red Carpet. But if you prefer other hair styles beside those 7 hair trends, you can get it too.

3. Get inspired by 7 fashion designers’ creations to match your hairstyle

To maximize your look, you might need to know clothing style that matches your hairstyle. That’s why Sunsilk presents 7 attires designed by Indonesian noted designers and showcases the attires in Sunsilk Hair Studio. Those seven creations were designed to fit the 7 hair trends that Sunsilk Hair Studio offers. The 7 designers are Jeffry Tan, Barli Asmara, Denny Wirawan, Rusli Tjohnardi, Sapto Djojokartiko, Adesagi Kierana and Ari Seputra.

4. Get a haircut

Need something to refresh you look? A haircut might do the trick and a team of professional stylists will make sure you’ll get the perfect one.

5. Treat yourself for a creambath

To treat your hair, Sunsilk Hair Studio offers a few types of creambath which you can choose to suit your hair type. This pampering service is needed to give back the health and vitality to your locks.

6. Get gorgeous makeup

Different hairstyle, outfit and occasion will need different makeup. Sunsilk Hair Studio makeup artist will help you look your best for that special occasion.

7. See your reflection from various sides

It is important to check your complete look before heading to the door. In Sunsilk Hair Studio you can see the reflection of your look from head to toe, from any sides because you can find mirrors on all part of the salon. This concept is called as “mirror salon” by Sunsilk Hair Studio.

8. Shop for your hair and your closet!

You can see the display of complete Sunsilk products and buy the right product for your hair.You can shop for various fashion items too at the boutique inside Sunsilk Hair Studio.

9. Take picture at the photo booth

To capture the success of your makeover, or simply the result of your hairstyling, take a picture at the photo booth. You don’t need to walk around the mall to find a photo spot, it’s located right inside the salon!

10. Relax at the café or the lounge

After all the fun you have in Sunsilk Hair Studio, you might need to relax for a while. Get something to eat or drink from the café or just sit and have a chit-chat with your friends at the lounge. Yes, these two spots are located inside the studio too.

Interested to try everything from the list at Sunsilk Hair Studio? I suggest you make an appointment by calling 021- 23581974.

Sunsilk Hair Studio opens everyday from 10:00 am to 21:00 pm. An important thing to remember, Sunsilk Hair Studio in Grand Indonesia opens for two months only; June and July 2011.

Visit Sunsilk Facebook page or follow its Sunsilk’s Twitter Account to keep you updated with any news or promo from Sunsilk and Sunsilk Hair Studio.