Expert Corner: Makeup for Mature Skin & 60’s Inspired Look


What’s the best foundation/powder for an oily mature skin for my Mom? She’s 56 year old and has wrinkles, lines and spot but her skin is oily. If I use opaque or matte foundation on her, it will only emphasize her wrinkles and lines even more. On the other hand, if I use foundation that is not matte it will become oily too fast and can’t cover the imperfection.

You can prep the skin using Prep+Prime Skin from MAC, then apply foundation as much as needed. Remember, less is more. This answers your questions about emphasizing wrinkles (I recommend Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 from MAC), then finish off with MAC Blot Powder. As for the wrinkles, I recommend Prep+Prime Line Filler from MAC.

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Any tips to do eye makeup look for mature women with eyes that are hooded, wrinkly, have lots of fine lines and feasible discolouration?

Prep the eyes area (eye lids and below the eyes) using Prep+Prime Eyes from MAC. You can choose the colors closest to your mother’s skin. Apply dark brown eye shadows on the outer corners of the eyes blending inwards and forming shape of a pair of wings. This will create an illusion of balanced eyes.

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How do we create a 60’s inspired makeup other than doing cat liner on the eyes?

Hi Ruth, thank you for the question. Well the 60’s look is mainly highlighted by the cat liner on the eyes, otherwise it wouldn’t be called the 60’s inspired makeup. Apart from the liner, eye brows are very defined and exaggerated too, drawn with definite arch. Glossy, defined lips are also key feature to this look. Finally bronzer is applied on the apple of the cheek. I hope this makes sense. And  have fun trying.

P/S: When trying a look, you don’t have to adapt the whole thing. You could take an element from the look and incorporate it with your own current style : )


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