Makeup 101: All About Airbrush Makeup

When I heard of airbrush makeup, I used to relate it with creative makeup and body painting that isn’t applicable for daily routine. Moreover the technique of airbrush makeup sounds complicated. But attending launching of Airbrush Makeup, a book by Chenny Han gave me knowledge that all my perceptions were wrong.

What is airbrush makeup actually? It is a technique to apply makeup by spraying pigmented makeup products. The compressor in airbrush tool pushes the air and the product to create a light mist upon the skin. It can be sprayed to almost any part of body, also the eyes, lips and hair. There’s much more about airbrush makeup that all beauty enthusiasts need to know. Here are the advantages of airbrush makeup:

  1. Say goodbye to makeup sponge, eyeshadow brush, lipstick, eyeliner and the like; airbrush makeup is able to replace them all. However, airbrush technique still needs manual application of false eyelashes and under-eyeliner.
  2. Applying makeup with airbrush technique is more hygienic compared to manual technique. It is because when you use airbrush, the hand or the makeup tool doesn’t make any direct contact to the skin. Airbrush makeup is sprayed to the skin from certain distance.
  3. The finished look of airbrush makeup is really smooth and natural. The reason is, you just need small amount of makeup, foundation as example, and the airbrush tool will spread the makeup evenly.
  4. Airbrush makeup is very long-lasting. It can last up to 18 hours without any smudge or losing its sheen. The person with airbrush makeup won’t need any touch up so it will be great for a bridal makeup as example.
  5. Applying airbrush makeup is speedy. Spraying airbrush makeup saves you much time compared to manual technique. Chenny Han also tells her story when she was asked to put makeup on 150 models for Susan Budihardjo’s fashion show. It didn’t take her long to finish the makeup because she had her airbrush tools handy.

Here are some looks created by Chenny Han with airbrush technique including makeup for international bride, traditional Javanese bride, oriental look and fantasy makeup.


Fortunately for me, I got the chance to try using airbrush makeup and create a tatoo-like image of cute horse in my hand :)

Airbrush makeup has been a popular thing in other countries. According to Chenny, the women in US wear it for daily use because it saves much of their time. Yet airbrush makeup is useful to correct skin imperfection such as scar, to spray tanning lotion and so on. The makeup for Avatar movie production also used airbrush makeup. However, airbrush makeup is not yet common in Indonesia. That’s why Chenny Han wanted to share her knowledge she got from 8 years of learning airbrush makeup to Indonesian people. As a background, Chenny Han studied airbrush makeup in Dinair Airbrush Institute of Hollywood, a noted institute with 25 years of experience. And this how Chenny Han’s Airbrush Makeup book was born.

Published by PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama with soft cover and 92 pages, the book provides complete information about airbrush makeup. The book is completed with a DVD that shows airbrush tutorial and examples of some airbrush makeup looks. First section of this book explains “What is Airbrush Makeup” consists of the definition, historical background, purposes and the tools. Then in the second chapter, Chenny asks the readers to start practicing airbrush technique. What explained there is very complete; for example we will find how to run the tools, how to make a straight line, how to fill in the eyes or lips with color.This tutorial also reveals some problems that may occur in airbrush makeup and how to solve them. In the next chapters of the book, Chenny gives numerous example of inspiring looks created by airbrush makeup; natural daily makeup, makeup for formal occasion, international bridal makeup, makeup for traditional bride, fantasy makeup, kids makeup, body painting  and many more. Each makeup look is presented with impressive photo and clear step-by-step explanation.

I believe that after reading the book, you’ll be interested to give airbrush makeup a try. In case that happens, all the airbrush tool and airbrush makeup products can be bought in Chenny Han beauty school, located at Jl. Kebon Kacang XXX No. 8A, Central Jakarta (phone: 021 – 3100895, 3910050)