Kerastase New Solution for Hair Loss Problem

I’ve been losing a lot of hair, that it became really scary. I don’t think it had much to do with chemical process that I’ve undergone with my hair but because my hair strands on their own are rather heavy and my scalp is not strong enough to hold it. Hair fall and loss can be caused by both internal problem and the lack of nutrient, and according to Dr Oz (from watching too much Oprah :) ) it can also indicate that your body is experiencing some problems. It can also be caused by stress and other external factors such as weather, pollution and the likes. It was surprising to find when I came to the launch of Kerastase new line to treat hair loss that this problem actually occurs to most people. According to Kerastase team, 2 out of 3 women are experiencing hair loss. It doesn’t need to be major, but if left untreated the problem can become worse. So I’m pretty pleased to know that Kerastase launched a new line specifically targeted to hair loss problem.

The new hair care line from Kerastase contained Aminexil GL that has successfully tackled hair loss problem. The new range includes Bain Prevention GL (Rp 230,000) shampoo targeted for soft hair strands (green product line) and normal to thick hair strands (red product line). For the soft hair strands they have Soin Densitive GL (Rp 275,000) scalp tonic to make your soft strand stronger and thicker. Whereas for the normal to thick hair strands they have the Stimuliste (Rp 275,000) scalp tonic to elongate your hair life span. Both scalp tonic are light in texture so you don’t need to worry that it feels heavy on your hair and scalp when you’re out and about doing your daily routine.

I’ve got my hair tested and I found out that I have very thick hair strands so I go for Bain Prevention GL and Stimuliste. The Bain Prevention GL uses the Systeme Gluco Impulsion technology and contain Gluco Lipid allowing the maximization of absorption of nutrients from your roots till your hair tip.

Of course the above hair care product still rely on the main scalp treatment using Aminexil GL where it will help the life span of your hair to be longer, prevent hardening of the collagen layer which is the main cause of hair loss and the Gluco Lipid GL will give nutrients to the hair as well as promoting new hair growth.

That’s kind of too much information for my brain to digest, so it’s very helpful that they give me the fact sheet on how to use the product combination to especially tackle hair loss problem. It’s a combination between treatments that you need to do at home and at salon that offer Kerastase services.

Phase 1, Intensive Care

  • Kerastase Salon: Once a Week for hair loss treatment.
  • Home treatment: Aminexil GL every day for six weeks.

Phase 2, Maintenance

  • Kerastase Salon: every two weeks
  • Home treatment: Aminexil GL combined with Soin Densitive GL / Stimuliste at 2:1 ratioG. Which means two days in a row using Aminexil GL followed with 1 day using Soin Densitive GL / Stimuliste.

Phase 3, Prevention

  • Kerastase Salon: Once a month.
  • Home treatment: Aminexil GL combined with Soin Densitive GL / Stimuliste at 1:2 ratio. That means you use Aminexil GL for a day followed by Soin Densitive GL / Stimuliste two days in a row.

Aminexil GL, Soin Densitive GL and Stimuliste need to be used on clean scalp and hair, which means it’s used after shampoo, conditioner or mask in damp or half dry hair condition.

I’ve been using Bain Prevention GL (red line) and Stimuliste for over a month now. I don’t have the time to do more intensive treatment and come to the salon but what I did is use these two products every other day. Since I have very dry hair, I combine these products with conditioner and mask to relax my hair. For my dry hair, they suggested to use Masquintense (Rp 450,000 for 200ml or Rp 745,000 for 500ml) and Lait Vital (Rp 265,000 for 200ml) for the conditioner. Like I said above I lose a lot of hair everyday, but I think it’s still quite manageable for the time being.

Formula-wise Bain Prevention GL doesn’t lather and produce lots of bubble which makes me wonder whether I have been using enough product to cleanse my hair or not. But I realized that no matter how much I use, it simply doesn’t produce much bubble. I like the soft scent that doesn’t smell so chemical, it’s in fact rather soothing. Unlike any other hair loss or growth promoting shampoo it doesn’t feel hot to the touch of my scalp, it does leave a slight tingling sensation. It leaves my hair quite dry afterward, that’s why I need to use a really moisturizing conditioner and mask once a week to calm my very dry and frizzy hair.

As for the Stimuliste, the packaging is really helpful with a bending spray that is hard to explain, you can see it yourself in the picture. It allows for an easier application to smaller areas. The pump itself sprays the product in just small squirt so you don’t get the product all over your hair, right into the scalp. You would need around 10 pumps to cover the surface of your scalp, but I prefer to do a smaller pump so it only squirt out small amount of product. I then massage my scalp lightly. It has that hair tonic usual tingling sensation, but it doesn’t feel burning so I feel comfortable using it regularly.

After a month of use I feel that my hair fall has reduced but not completely diminished. I don’t find too many hair fall when I tie back my hair as it used to be. But of course tying your hair tightly in itself is a crime! I also find that the texture of my hair strands is improving. Usually I find the texture of my hair to be very gritty. Overall I would recommend this product for those of you who have started to see hair fall as a problem.

What they should improve with the packaging is include an instruction on how much product I need to use for my hair.