Gading Beauty Award 2011 Has Found Its Winners

There are many competitions in various fields today, such as cooking, singing or modeling. For makeup competition, Gading Beauty Award still holds its superior position, gathering great interest and participants. The purpose of holding Gading Beauty Award according to Wulan Tilaar, Director of Martha Beauty Gallery and PT. Cantika Puspa Pesona, is “to motivate makeup artists in all over Indonesia, both junior and professional, and to create beauty trend in Indonesia”. “Collaborating with APPMI, IPMI and Summarecon, we will be the master of beauty industry in our own country”, Martha Tilaar, the founder of PT Martina Berto Tbk added.

Martha Tilaar with 7 judges of 2011 Gading Beauty Award (from left to right) SB Wahyudi (Creative Director), Myra (MRA Group – AMICA), Teddy Liem (Make Up Artist), Wulan Tilaar (Director of Martha Beauty Gallery dan PT. Cantika Puspa Pesona), Nurulita (Fashion Photographer), Adrian Suryapradipa (Make Up Artist), Dianny (Mal Kelapa Gading)

This contest was divided in two categories; junior and professional makeup artists. There were about 700 applications in total registered in 2011 Gading Beauty Award. After being selected, there were 61 contestants, 31 professional makeup artists and 30 junior makeup artists, left to join the final stage held on May 25, 2011 in Forum Mall Kelapa Gading. Gading Beauty Award also became part of the annual Jakarta Food and Fashion Festival, one of the most anticipated events of the year.

What motivated most of the participant was the fact that Gading Beauty Award is a prestigious beauty award in Indonesia that supports the career of the winners in beauty industry. Puspita Martha Beauty School scholarship as one of the prizes also attracts the participants.

The theme for Gading Beauty Award 2011 was Burlesque, which is also the latest theme of PAC cosmetic collection. The theme was picked because PAC is makeup brand that is used by theater or stage performances. In case you’re interested to join the next Gading Beauty Award, the judgments for junior participant based on makeup technique, smoothness, harmony of the colors and total look. While for professional makeup artists, their creation were judged based on their corrective makeup technique, creativity and total look.

For junior makeup artist category, the contestants may not have any certificate from any beauty school. Contestant who had participated in other makeup contests before were not allowed to participate either. Beauty school certificate and makeup contest experience were allowed for professional category. But surprisingly, the looks created by junior makeup artists were really great. I was a bit surprised to know that they didn’t have any formal education background in makeup. The junior were as good as the pro.

Here are the winners of Gading Beauty Award 2011:

Junior Make Up Artist:

  1. Rizki Rian Bentara – Jakarta
  2. Dian Novita – Solo
  3. H. Zakaria – Jember

Professional Make Up Artist:

  1. Slamet Wiyono – Jakarta
  2. Kwee Sandy – Jakarta
  3. Linda Wati – Pekanbaru