Anggun Cari Bintang Pantene, Not Just Another Star Search

It was at the majestic venue Candi Perambanan, Yogyakarta where Anggun Cari Bintang Pantene final was held. The venue was breathtaking, it was fitting to the event where the winner of Anggun Cari Bintang Pantene was finally chosen.

Anggun Cari Bintang Pantene as Junita Kartikasari, PR Manager for P&G Indonesia said, is not at all a new program. They’re currently entering their sixth year, which reaffirm that this is not just any other Star Search event. Not only Pantene acknowledges the different talents out there but also they’ve given the finalists the training that they need, in order to develop themselves and therefore nurture them to become a star. During the press conference that was held at Keraton Yogyakarta, Helmi Yahya, one of the judges said, the finalists for Anggun Cari Bintang Pantene not only include those with acting or singing talents, but also who were skilled dalang, traditional and Bollywood dance to name a few. After all, stardom doesn’t only begin and end at bintang sinetron, right?

Regarding the format of the program, Junita explained that instead of the usual 30 minutes reality TV show that other star search programs usually do, this time Anggun Cari Bintang Pantene will be in a 3-minutes filler form, where tips about beauty and fashion will be shared with the filler. These 3-minutes program has been airing in RCTI and Anggun also wrote a song titled “Hanyalah Cinta” that became the theme song for Anggun Cari Bintang Pantene. During the final night, the guests were also entertained by Anggun.

From many entries for Anggun Cari Bintang Pantene, it finally came down to 10 finalists who showed their talents during the final night. They’ve gone through 14 days quarantine in Jakarta, where all of them were educated on various subjects from the experts; fashion by Musa Widyatmodjo also the third judge for the competition, hairdo and makeup by Rudy Hadisuwarno,public speaking and selling by Helmy Yahya, first impression by Chantal Concetta, modeling by Artika Sari Devi and photo session by Pinky Miror.

The winner of this year’s Anggun Cari Bintang Pantene is Rina Mariana (wearing red dress in the middle at the above photo), a midwife from Bandung whose dream is to become a model.

So do you have what it takes to become the next bintang Pantene? They first opened the registration for Anggun Cari Bintang Pantene from their Facebook Fan Page, so if you’re interested to know more about the program don’t forget to like their page!