Pond’s Age Miracle: My Skin Savior

I’ve actually been using the complete range of Pond’s Age Miracle for quite some time now but I haven’t written the review until now because I really wanted to see the effect it has on my skin before sharing it with you.

I was invited to Bogor by Pond’s for a really nice getaway a few weeks ago, where I got to learn so much about skin’s health and Pond’s Age Miracle product range. It is not a new product range, it was actually launched in 2006, where Pond’s introduced CLA technology which was targeted to rejuvenate skin’s inner layer and bring up the young and new skin cells to the surface. But in 2008, Pond’s Institute launched their newer innovation which could help Retinol, one of Age Miracle’s active ingredients, to perform even better. It’s called Retinol Booster. According to dermatologist dr. Eddy Karta SpKK, Retinol is still believed to be one of the best weapons to combat signs of aging. Retinol can penetrate deeper into the skin layers and boost skin cell regeneration as well as stimulating collagen production. The Retinol Booster in Pond’s Age Miracle can push retinol even further into the skin and optimizes its performance.

Other than that, Pond’s Age Mircale also contains AHA which works on the outer layer of skin, weakens the ties that binds the old skin cells together and improve the appearance and texture of our skin.

Here are the products that I’ve been using daily:

Age Miracle Daily Resurfacing Cream – Rp. 107.000 (jar) and Rp. 125.000 (pump)

There are actually two versions of this day cream. The one in jar, with richer consistency aimed for women with normal/dry skin and the one in a bottle with pump for normal/oily skin. I’ve been using both creams alternately even though the texture of the cream in pump perhaps suits my oily skin more. But there was a time when my skin was dehydrated and I reached for the cream in jar to give it the extra hydration it needed. But once I felt my skin was back to its normal condition, I used the one in bottle more often. It is still quite rich, but can be absorbed faster. Both creams have SPF 15 protection which is a nice bonus.

Age Miracle Overnight Repair Dream – Rp. 112.000

This night cream, along with the serum which I will talk about later, is probably the hero in my recent skin misadventure. As I said before, when I started using Age Miracle, my skin was in a bad situation. It was dry (showed in two skin tests) and several spots even had some dry patches that were itchy and sometimes burn. When I saw how rich this night cream was, I slathered it on my skin right away, every single night. And in less than a week, the dry patches in my skin were gone and, gradually, I wake up with a more supple and softer skin. The texture is very thick but I figured, since I sleep with the air-conditioner on, that’s what it takes for my skin to retain its moisture.

Age Miracle Concentrated Resurfacing Serum – Rp. Rp. 104.000

As the name suggests, the serum contains the Advanced CLA4 Complex just like all Pond’s Age Miracle products, but in a concentrated form. The serum is more like a light lotion than gel and it leaves your skin with a soft and silky finish. It feels lovely. But if you have oily skin, you might want to be careful about wearing it during the day, especially if you use the day cream on top, because I find that it made my skin look more oily than usual.

Age Miracle Dual Eye Therapy – Rp. 113.500

I’ve professed my love for this eye cream in this article. Deszell has also written a review here. But that won’t prevent me from saying how pleased I am with this eye cream. Love the texture and love that it has UV protection. It may not reduce the fine lines under my eyes yet, but at least the eye cream gives the delicate skin the moisture it needs.

Age Miracle Daily Regenerating Facial Foam – Rp. 46.700

It’s a creamy face wash with microbeads which helps to clean my face from the dirt accumulated during the day and making it feel fresh and clean. It doesn’t leave your skin taut like other facial foams do, so I would say this is a perfectly good facial wash for those with normal/dry skin.

All the products in Pond’s Age Miracle range come in a beautiful red and silver packaging. I was actually quite amazed by the quality of the packaging and how sturdy they are for a mass-marketed product. They look quite elegant sitting on my vanity table!

Some people asked me about the “perfumey” smell that some Pond’s products have. My comment is, while they are scented, I’m actually not that bothered by the smell. However, if Pond’s decided to tone the scent down a little, I won’t complain :D

Apart from regaining back the moisture level on my skin as I mentioned above, the other positive change that I noticed in my skin is the lightening of some discolored marks. And this is fantastic news for me! I have this stubborn spot on my left cheek that’s been there for approximately a year. Yes a year! Nothing I used could make them budge even slightly, but just when I started using Pond’s Age Miracle, I could see that it is starting to fade and lighten significantly!

During my trip to Bogor, I was treated to a very relaxing facial treatment by Pond’s beauty consultants. It was sooo lovely and my skin felt sooo smooth afterwards that I promised myself I will be making a stop to Pond’s Institute soon to get the treatment again!

So the verdict is: I’m very satisfied! I will continue using these products and excitedly wait for more positive result that will appear on my skin. I am also starting to eye some more products within this range, like the Advanced Resurfacing Microdermabrasion Kit, Polishing Cream and Glow Enhancer. Sound interesting, right?