MAC Bloggers’ Obsession: A Collection by Beauty Bloggers!

Looks like MAC Cosmetics is joining a herd of other big brands who collaborated in a collection with bloggers. Recently, they invited about 80 beauty bloggers to submit their ideas for MAC eyeshadows or lipglasses. The chosen shades were going to be produced and released as part of MAC’s newest collection which will be launched this month: MAC Bloggers’ Obsession.

Here are the 9 lucky bloggers who got to fly to Toronto and custom made their own eyeshadow and lipglasses:

Christine Mielke of
Lesley Ellen Mirza from
Lianne Farbes of
Karen Monterichard of
Amber Katz of
Patrice Yursik of
Lily Nima of
Aileen De Los Angeles of
Wendy Lam of

This collection will be available on only, starting from June 21 and as usual, all items will be limited edition.

Also check out Temptalia and theshadesofu for their stories on visiting MAC production facilities and creating their own MAC products. I’ve actually visited the facilities when I was still working for MAC so it was very interesting to see them again in pictures (I wasn’t allowed to take pics back then). Like some of the bloggers said, it really was like a Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory for the makeup addict. Now, to be really honest, I’m a little jealous that these lucky girls got the chance to develop their own products and have them sold as a collection..something I’ve been dreaming of since I was in high school! :)

The shades look quite gorgeous from the promo photo below so I’m quite excited to see the products in real life. I’m really intrigued by Christine’s Jealousy Wakes and Amber’s Sparkle, Neely, Sparkle eyeshadows, as well as Patrice’s All of My Purple Life lipglass. Although, now that I’ve seen a swatch, I kinda have the hots for Lianne’s Hocus Pocus too!

How about you? Which products do you think you’ll be getting if you can get your hands on them? Should we start contacting our good friends in the US? :D

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