What We Think Every Woman Should Have

They should at least own a pair of Armani’s black blazer in their life. It’s such an iconic colour for the design house that even during the opening of the Giorgio Armani boutique at Plaza Indonesia Level 1, almost every guest wore a piece of black. And Armani black jacket fits everyone so perfectly and it always comes in such a beautiful textile. I think if we can have the same point of view like men about our blazers, that investing in a pair of good quality blazer instead of buying many “acceptable” ones, getting a pair of Armani blazer should be reasonable enough.

The boutique opened with the usual cocktail party, but this time around instead of the loudly pumping music played by a DJ, it was Maylaffayza played her electric violin for the opening party. It was classic just like Giorgio Armani, but also gave a modern tone to the store.

The 142 square meters boutique reportedly mirrors the Giorgio Armani store in Tokyo located at the heart of the fashionable district Roppongi Hills which was dominated by the black granite stone used for the floors, and marmorino plaster for walls finished in silver.

What caught my eyes is the turban that was put on the mannequins that reminded me of the turban used by the models at the Giorgio Armani’s runway. Don’t you think it looks uber chic?

Want to see what more you can find at their boutique in Plaza Indonesia? Head down directly there or start by taking a peek through more pictures below.