Crystal Treatment at Shunji Matsuo

What do you do when your hair starts to show signs of damage and dryness? Well, you can either get a proper treatment at your favorite salon or chop it all off. Last week, I decided to do both. Actually my hair wasn’t in a terrible condition, but the cutting was all a mess (I hadn’t had a haircut for 6 months) and the ends were dry and started to split. Plus, the crystal treatment at Shunji Matsuo was something I have never tried before, and I was curious.

So I made an appointment to get the treatment and a haircut with Shunsuke Sugai who, as usual, looked impossibly stylish in a white shirt worn as outerwear and a fedora hat covering his blonde hair. We chatted a bit about the kind of haircut would suit me best. He started flipping some magazines and showed me a few hairstyles. I told him I trusted him with whichever style he chose for me, as long as it’s short enough :)

My “before picture taken by Sugai :)

After the haircut, Sugai asked two staff to start working on the treatment for my hair. The staff first opened my hair follicles using a tool called nano steamer. This was done so the my hair would be able to absorb the vitamins that they were going to put on it.

After that he sprayed some lotion all over my hair to “prep” my hair for the vitamin. Then the vitamin was massaged lightly to the strands of my hair. They did it very carefully, working on small sections of my hair at once.

After that they used a tool that looks similar to a hair straightener but instead of emitting heat, this tool produces out cool energy. This “supersonic” tool send out 37,000 vibrations each second and it is used to inject the vitamin to the smallest cells in the hair.

And as the last step, they used the nano steamer one more time to push the vitamin further into the hair cells. Then they covered my hair with a plastic cling wrap (seriously!) and left the vitamin on for approximately 10 minutes and proceeded to wash my hair. After that Sugai returned to blowdry and style my hair.

It seems like a lot of steps but would you believe that the whole treatment only took less than 30 minutes? That’s how efficient the staff at Shunji Matsuo work. And for someone like me, who don’t really enjoy spending hours and hours in a salon, it couldn’t have been more perfect. So 1,5 hours in total, I could walk out in a brand new hair that looks healthy and shiny :D

The staff told me that the effect of crystal treatment lasts for about 2-3 weeks and if your hair is severely damaged, it is recommended that you redo the whole process every few weeks so you’ll get the maximum benefit. Crystal treatment at Shunji Matsuo by Hisato starts from Rp. 600.000 / session, depending on the length of your hair. There’s a 25% discount if you book for 3 sessions. To book an appointment, call them at 021.7278.6760