What If First Ladies Wear Lurik?

Then it could be M by Musa that they wore. Let’s imagine Michele Obama, Carla Bruni or maybe Jacqueline Kennedy wearing simple dresses made from the beautiful Indonesian fabric, tenun. Javanese tenun or lurik, jacquard and velvet have been transformed into a ready-to-wear collection The Luric(she)ll from M by Musa. Those varieties of fabric met Musa global taste creating casual attires, formal clothing and cocktail dresses.

According to the designer Musa Widiatmodjo, to celebrate 20 years of his contribution to fashion this collection will give more dynamic aura, also fresh and youthful fashion statement. The Luric(she)ll adopts the trend during 1920-1970 era with simple cutting and bold silhouette. Collaborating with his partner Yogi Soegyono, the name of the collection is derived from the words lurik as Indonesian tenun, sea shell, and she will (she’ll). The motif of a lurik is mostly stripes, just like sea-shell has.

Being held during Jakarta Food and Fashion Festival 2011 in Grand Ballroom of Harris Hotel, Kelapa Gading, the fashion show successfully packed with numerous guests. Ayu Dyah Pasha, an Indonesian actress, also came and gave her comment, “If you want to look stylish with strong character, wearing items from international brands is not the only way. The Luric(she)ll shows us how to wear an outfit with a touch of traditional fabric, without looking old-fashioned”. As you see the pictures of the fashion shows below, do you agree with Ayu’s opinion?