Today’s Outfit: Amma Supahilo!

At first, I was hesitant to take pictures of this outfit but then I thought to my self, why not? I haven’t posted outfit pictures for a while and if I wait for the perfect moment, like when my hair looks nice and my outfit is lovely from head to toe and location and other props are supporting, it is never gonna happen anyway because something else is going to come up that makes me forget to take picture. And admit it, we all don’t look flawless, so let’s just be real and be fearless to show how we really look on day to day basis.

  • Batten Clothing button flap jacket. The picture doesn’t do it justice, you have to check its website to see a more promising picture. This lightweight jacket can be worn in different ways, not bad at all for something that is priced at Rp 249,000. I’m so going to get another color when they release a new one. Ohh and I’m eyeing on the shoulder drape cape too
  • (X)SML green blouse
  • Zara Belt
  • Zara skirt
  • Jeffrey Campbell strappy wedges. I’ve just walked on these to and from Warung Menado for lunch and then all the way to Starbucks Tamani from the office. Much more comfortable than flats :)
  • MyTulisan ‘Amma Supahilo’ bag. I have discovered this bag since early January but this bag hasn’t received the highlight that it deserves in this blog. I especially adore this bag because the first time I visited the booth, I got to talk to Melissa’s mother, who passionately told me about the bags, the story and the road to finally launch the label. It’s true that you will more appreciate something if you know the story behind it.

By the way, do you know that Amma Supahilo is read I’m a superhero ? :) Makes me feel empowered whenever I tote around this bag. Since then, I always stop by the booth whenever they have one at Dharmawangsa Square to admire the bags or pick up a present for someone.