Splurge & Steal: Jill Stuart Cute Retractable Brush

I’ve been eyeing the Jill Stuart retractable brush that came with the Blush Blossom collection, but I actually only want the brush. Well I’m actually lusting over the blush as well, but I’m reminded by the many blushes already sitting untouched on my vanity table.

So imagined how thrilled I am when I gfound a steal of similar-looking retractable brush from Cerro Qreen at Make Up Tools’ lapak, at the Female Daily Market Plaza. It has a similar sleek silver casing, white brush hair and a pink diamond button to push to brush up. It doesn’t have the engraving like the Jill Stuart one, but I actually like it the way it is.

With only Rp 110,000 I’m really happy with my find. The brush hair is really soft and I can use it to touch up my powder during day time or use it to apply my blush. It’s the perfect size to fit into my makeup pouch. What I love the most that it looks so chic when I pulled it out of my makeup case if I want to touch up my makeup during an event. I’ve received compliment from my friends whenever they see this brush. Definitely a tool to show around!