Get the Sweets from Crocs Candy Collection

For you who never entered Crocs store because the shoes on display look too bulky, now the latest Crocs collection might change your mind and persuade you to browse the store. Crocs just launched its collection suitable for this Spring 2011 named Crocs Candy. That new collection come in various styles that look sleek, sweet and stylish with bright colors. Purple, light turquoise, orange, fuchsia are among the yummy colors you can pick from the collection. Crocs Candy comes is 15 designs, and each design has 3 to 4 optional colors.

Not just the design that gets an update, the material that form Crocs Candy is completed with Croslite so the surface won’t easily get scratched. You just need to clean it with water and soft brush to remove the dirt. The price ranges from Rp 600,000 – Rp 700,000 for adults and Rp 400,000 – Rp 500,000 for kids shoes. They might seem pricey for some people but buying the original Crocs shoes is always recommended. PT Metrox Lifestyle is the only distributor for Crocs. Thus, other sellers that offer Crocs products cannot be trusted. Get your Crocs Candy or other Crocs products from reliable Crocs stores in almost all big cities in Indonesia.