Rihanna: The Voice of Nivea’s 100th Anniversary

For about100 years NIVEA has been a popular skincare brand that has loyal customers from around the world. This year, in conjunction with its 100th anniversary, NIVEA is going to hold a global campaign to celebrate its achievement and to reach new customers from new generation by collaborating with pop icon, Rihanna. Rihanna as “the Voice of NIVEA’s 100 Year Celebration” will promote the campaign. Her single California King Bed becomes the song that is integrated with the campaign.

As title sponsor of Rihanna’s US & European tour, NIVEA is bringing the brand closer to the next generation of consumers through various activities. For us who live in Indonesia, we are able to participate in this campaign too because NIVEA consumers in 40 countries will have a chance of getting ticket to Rihanna concert!

In Indonesia, for every purchase of any NIVEA product during the upcoming June to August, each consumer will get a unique code in labeled in the product to join the contest. The lucky ones will get free tour to watch Rihanna LOUD concert in London, UK for two people; so each of them may bring his/her friend! Hundreds of NIVEA merchandises will also be given away daily, 5 Samsung Galaxy Tab devices will go to 5 lucky winner each month, and 25 winners will be invited to join “Nivea Skin Journey” in Bali where you can also bring a friend is allowed!

I guess, there is only one thing we can say after hearing about the fantastic prizes: where do we sign up? :D