A Tour to Puspita Martha International Beauty School

Visiting a beauty school to have a look on the classes was so exciting that I called it a tour! That happened when Puspita Martha International Beauty School got a visit from Ifom Nantes students from France on May 9, 2011.

Together with the French team and accompanied by Puspita Martha teachers, we entered various classes on Puspita Martha International Beauty School. They were Class For Traditional Bride Makeup, International Bride Makeup, Photographic & Fashion Makeup, Hairdressing and also Beauty Aesthetic & Spa. I was a bit stunned to know those activities of applying bridal makeup, extravagant creative hairdo and pampering spa sessions are conducted in that school daily. As the bonuses, a part of Javanese wedding ritual called siraman was also performed and Ifom Nantes students were given chance to try Indonesian traditional attires too.

Actually, Puspita Martha International Beauty School was not the only destination that Ifom Nantes students visited. They had been in Indonesia from May 2, 2011. Before heading to Jakarta, they went to Balisari Training Center, Bali, which becomes the training center of Martha Tilaar Salon Day Spa therapist. There they learned about Balinese Coconut Treatment, Massage Treatment, Exercise On The Beach and create Traditional Boreh.

This exchange student program successfully shows the networking ties that Puspita Martha International Beauty School holds in international stage. Last year, a team of Puspita Martha Beauty School students and teachers did the same thing, visiting Ifom Nantes schools in France. Hopefully such thing continues and gives contribution to Indonesian beauty industry.