175. Inside elle_est300505 Bag

drg. Ivonne Teguh Sentosa or known in Female Daily Forum as elle_est300505 is the resident dentist at our expert corner Mommies Daily where she regularly share her knowledge  and help to answer all your question in the dentistry area.

Let’s take a peek what’s inside the dentist bag?

The Bag: Louis Vuitton Monogram Bucket

The Content:

  • iPad – ini berguna banget kalau lagi ke restauran. Anak gue rewel, setelin aja yang dia sukai dan Mamimnya bisa makan dengan tenang deh :)
  • Dental Floss
  • BB Odin
  • Magic Pouch
  • Kate Spade Wallet

Inside the Magic Pouch:

  • Baby wipes
  • Sebotol kecil sabun
  • iPod
  • Gatsby buat menyerap minyak goring dimuka gue
  • BBW pocbact
  • Antimo anak
  • Softlens solution and container
  • Shimmer Burt’s Bee, Lipbalm Burt’s Bee
  • Pads