FD Hijab Workshop, The Report

What: Female Daily Hijab Workshop

When: 1st of May 2011

Where: Sinou Kaffehousen Panglima Polim, Jakarta


When we first heard that the hijabers in our forum was planning to meet to learn how to wear different styles of hijab, we were thrilled! One of the reasons why our community is so unique is because we have so many different group of women, each with their own interest. We have had sniff gathering for perfumistas, nail polish playdate for the nail polish addicts, BB cream playdate for the BB cream fanatics, and other small and intimate events where the women got together and learned from one another about a specific topic.

Sometimes these events were initiated by us, but other times, it’s the member who wanted to meet up and when that happens, we were more than happy to help arranging it. As it happened, Wardah Cosmetics, also extended their kind support for this workshop. So the afternoon became even more lively with makeup demonstration from Wardah Cosmetics.

What happened:

The event, which started at 2 PM, opened with a greeting from Hanzky as the host of the afternoon. After that, Sulika from Wardah started her makeup demonstration and the lucky participant that got the chance to be the model was Veraapril. Sulika explained the stages in applying makeup, from base, shading, highlighting to putting on false lashies! She also patiently answered questions from FD hijabers who were all eager to learn more about makeup application.

After that, Rita or RitArif, a long time member in Female Daily forum who is also one of the initiators of FD Hijab workshop, took over and started demonstrating various ways of wearing hijab. It was a lot of fun seeing these beautiful women learned tips and tricks from each other on how to look stylish while still dressing modestly. Though judging from what they wore that day, it didn’t seem like they needed any help because they already looked so chic!

While the event went on, food from Sinou kept on arriving and the second floor of the restaurant, even though a bit stuffy, was buzzing with laughter and chatters from the girls all afternoon.

After taking some photos, which were a bit tricky because there wasn’t enough space for all of us, and exchanging gifts, which they’ve planned in the forum before the event, about 32 hijabers finally left Sinou, looking happy and glowy, each toting a bag from Wardah Cosmetics filled with makeup goodies!

We received a lot of questions from the members asking when we’re going to hold another Hijab Workshop. We can’t tell you the exact date yet but we promise we will hold another one, and when we do, you better not miss it!

Special thanks to Wardah Cosmetics for their amazing support for FD Hijab Workshop.