Experiencing Pitaloka Mangosteen Treatment at Martha Tilaar Salon & Day Spa

When Martha Tilaar launched its Pitaloka Mangosteen treatment few weeks ago, I got a voucher to try the treatment in Martha Tilaar Salon & Day Spa. I was excited to try it because I want to prove the benefit of this fruit for my skin. In case you forget about the power of this fruit, it contains Vitamin C that is 5 times greater that in orange to make skin smooth and glowing, Vitamin E as antioxidant, xanthone to increase immunity, cathecins as anti-bacteria chemical and stilbenes that combats fungus.

The voucher I got could be used only in Martha Tilaar Salon & Day Spa located in Cikini, Central Jakarta or Indorama Building, South Jakarta. I decided to go to Cikini because it’s nearer from my home and I also had an event to be attended in Central Jakarta. So, I made an appointment a day before to Martha Tilaar Salon & Day Spa in Cikini.

It’s quite easy to find the location of Martha Tilaar Salon & Day Spa Cikini. When you have passed Taman Ismail Marzuki arts center, just keep your eyes on the left side of the street and you’ll find Martha Tilaar Salon & Day Spa several blocks after. After registering, I was asked to wait for a while so the therapist could prepare the treatment. I chose hot ginger tea as the welcome drink to be sipped while I was waiting, and I sat by the mini-pool so I could enjoy the sound of splashing water.

The therapist was so kind and friendly, and she guided me into the treatment room. The room smelled of pandan leaf and I could also recognize the aroma of jasmine and ylang-ylang (kenanga). The sound of traditional Indonesian instrument was heard to bring more relaxing atmosphere into the room.

Now let’s have the spa session started. Before the session begun, the therapist gave me a disposable panty. So I took of my clothes and wore that disposable panty. The first step was sitting inside the sauna box where so the hot steam could open my pores. Afterwards, I was asked to lay on the bed so the therapist could scrub my skin using Martha Tilaar SPA Manggis Body Scrub. The therapist applied the right pressure of massage so the scrubbing felt really relaxing.

After scrubbing I was asked to shower to wash away the leftover of the scrub. Afterward, my body was massaged again, this time the therapist used Martha Tilaar SPA Manggis Massage/ Bathmilk Oil. Just like the scrubbing session, the therapist’s massage felt relaxing that I almost fell asleep. After being massaged, Martha Tilaar SPA Manggis Body Mask was spread all over my body. This body mask gave a cooling sensation. The therapist knew that it would feel a bit cold, so she turned off the air conditioner.

Sadly, the session almost reached its end. After having the body mask, I was asked to bath where Martha Tilaar SPA Manggis Massage/ Bathmilk Oil has been poured. I soaked into the water and enjoyed it while the therapist left the room. Lastly, to maintain the moisture level of my skin, I applied Martha Tilaar SPA Manggis Body Lotion which also contains SPF 25 UV protection. The whole pampering session successfully refreshed my body and moisturized my skin. I felt more that ready to continue my activities that day.