100% Young Indonesian Creations at IDEA

The trend of gathering various brands of fashion and creative products in one retail area that’s targeting young audience keeps growing, especially in Jakarta. Started with the periodically-held Brightspot Market, to more permanent ones like The Goods Dept in Plaza Indonesia, Level One in Grand Indonesia and Minekineko in Epicentrum Walk, there’s also Mazee in FX. Now let’s say hello a new store, [email protected].

IDEA is located in area of Mazee but it has different management with Mazee. Inside IDEA itself, there are 16 local brands by young Indonesians you might never heard before. So, visiting [email protected] truly gives a new vision of local fashion. “What makes us different with (Mazee) management is, [email protected] will be developed into something more professional. The brand owners will be guided to understand about retail business, and we also share the knowledge about latest fashion trends to create fashionable and up-to-date products,” said Dandan Hamdani, one of the creators of IDEA @Mazee. [email protected] is hoped to cater good quality fashion products to the young market.

The 16 brands in [email protected] are: LA & Co, blowpop, Giffa, Wrong Stich, Eclectic Mind, My Taste, USLS, GIACIA, Teabag, SAIA, Sugar and Spice, Trunkbelle, Charme, Not Too Much, SABS and Trinket Box. As another interesting part, the price range of those brands is quite affordable. I think young fashionistas out there should check the items in [email protected] because it won’t drain their pockets. Just have a look at what I found at the price as the examples:

The black see-thru top with floral appliqué (Rp. 166,000), asymmetric ombre dress (Rp. 200,000)

Colorful statement necklace (Rp. 115,000), braided cotton necklace (Rp. 85,000)

Blue tube dress with asymmetric peplum (Rp. 220,000), flat shoes in turquoise or beige (Rp. 250,000)