Pretty Dress and Shoes That Feel As Good As They Look

When a delivery man knocks on our office door and hands a package, we would be so curious what’s inside the package. We’re so excited when we see fashion items inside the package, like those Adity Shoes and Happa by Mel Ahyar dresses.

Adity Shoes sent us several pairs of flat shoes in various materials and design. I got a pair of grey pointy flat shoes with stripes of pink as the details. They fit my feet well and feel comfortable to wear for hours. Before taking these pictures, I had worn these Adity flatshoes jumping from one event to another and they didn’t hurt my feet at all even though they were still new.

To match these Adity flatshoes, at first I was a bit confused which Happa dress I would wear. That’s because all dresses looked beautiful and had impressive details! But since I wore flats, the most possible candidate was the dress made of comfortable cotton. Together with the shoes, they created an effortlessly pretty look. As you can see from the pictures, I didn’t need anymore accessories beside my everyday watch. Knitted colorful flowers attached on the shoulder and the braided belt on the waist area of the dress were enough to make the statement.