Budget-Friendly Tinted Moisturizer from Pixy

I have been asked several times whether there’s any local product that sell tinted moisturizer. Until couple of weeks ago I always said no. So when I went to a supermarket and I found out that Pixy has tinted moisturizer in their line, I snatch it right away without giving it a second thought. That is of course because the price is less than Rp 21,000 For 50ml.

Before I continue further with my review, I really would make a suggestion for any local brands that make face base product; it would be really great if they have a wider variety of shades and that means more than one or two shades that is not somewhere within the “pale and paler” spectrum. The Pixie UV Whitening Tinted Moisturizer Lotion is no different. It only comes in one shade and it’s really pale.

The formula of this tinted moisturizer is very watery and the tint is not transparent when it comes out of the tube. Since it’s watery, the lotion blends right into the skin. I used my finger to apply the tinted moisturizer because it’s not creamy enough to be applied by brushes.

My initial thought about this tinted moisturizer is that it has zilch coverage. It doesn’t even out my skin tone. What I noticed though it brightens up my face and it gives a nice dewy finish to my complexion. I would opt for this on the day that I need to look (no makeup) fresh. I only need to puff some powder into my face and a little bit of blush for a neutral look. I would also use this as a base to my powder foundation because it gives that glow that powder foundation lacks.

This product contains whitening powder, Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate which is a water-soluble derivative of vitamin C, known to show some evidence of skin lightening abilities and some UV protection. Unfortunately how much UV protection it offers is not clearly indicated. It’s really too bad, hopefully they can repackage this product and give some information as how far the SPF they’re offering because that’s a very useful information.

My verdict, this product is worth to try just to have something that you reach for when you don’t need that flawless coverage.