Complete Skincare Regime Under 250K from L’Oreal

If you have an oily skin and you’re looking for a skincare range that can control the sebum production on your face and keep it shine free while at the same time maintaining its hydration, then keep reading this post. Especially, if you’re looking for something that is budget friendly.

Oily skin condition is genetic but it also worsens by the environmental condition. Keeping your skin aggravated by depriving it from its moisturizer need will only worsen the situation because dehydrated skin (that can also happen to oily skin type) will only make speed up the production of your sebum. Therefore L’Oreal offers Hydrafresh line where it will keep your face shine free and hydrated. The whole range cost slightly above Rp 200,000 that includes Pure Water Spa Cream (Rp 89,900), Hydrafresh Icy Foam (Rp 42,900) and Hydrafresh Icy Toner (Rp 70,900).

So let’s break it down, starting from the very first step:

  • Hydrafresh Icy Foam: The foaming wash lather to a good foamy thick bubble. It feels really cooling to the touch of my skin. It feels much like when you’re eating a mint candy but not on your tongue; rather this is in your face. It cleanses off to a very matte face, but not stretched, tightened or dry. Just matte. I feel the foam to have that squeaky clean result to the face. Cleanse not only the excess sebum but also dirt in your face and pores. The tingling cold feeling lingers for quite a while. The only drawback is the fabricated smell that reminds me of something that I can’t completely recall.
  • Hydrafresh Icy Toner: With concentrated iron and mineral where it will be able to cleanse pore and regulate sebum in your face. It’s extra cooling, like none other that I’ve used. It has traces of alcohol but it doesn’t leave the face dry nor tight. Like I said, just matte. After the use of this toner, your face would feel like you just soak your whole face in a bowl of ice, or make that, mint. The tingling cold feeling from the foaming wash still remains.
  • Hydrafresh Pure Water Spa Cream: This contains five times more Pure Spa Water than the previous Hydrafresh. It also contains Icy Gel, filtered sea water that was taken from the sea from 22 m depth from the French Brittany coast that is preserved. This gel moisturizer feels very lightweight and again extra cooling and fresh. It blends right through the skin and if you need extra moisture for your face, you can keep piling the product one layer at a time. It turns to a matte finish even when you wear two layers of it.

After 15 minutes of using this range the tingling cold sensation will finally subside. It leaves the skin fresh, supple and of course shine free.