Three Indonesian Graphic Artist & Illustrator Shows Support to 0% Plastic

Gap has once again made shopping an enjoyable journey by 0% Plastic tote bag created in collaboration with renowned Indonesian visual graphic artist and illustrator, namely Lala Bohang, Emte and Mayumi Haryoto. The 0% Plastic Bag Project this year was interpreted by Gap through the creation of the canvas shopping bags that display beautiful graphic and illustrator, made by the three talented designers. I am still amazed how careless people are with the use of plastic bags. They just hand you one whenever they can. Sometimes even when you just buy one item they would wrap it in not just one but two plastic bags!

So in the spirit of the 0% Plastic, this shopping bag isn’t only fitting with the tagline but also uber cute and make you want to tote them everywhere. You can get one of the three tote bags when you shop at Gap with the purchase of more that Rp 1,200,000. To read more on this campaign you can check GAP Facebook Fan Page.

Need some convincing? Just look at these cute bags! Which one do you thing is the cutest?

Design by Lala Bohang

Design by Mayumi Haryoto

Design by Emte