What You Need To Know About Stellarissa New Boutique


On April 1, 2011 STELLARISSA opened its doors for the first time at Upper Ground unit 31 of Grand Indonesia East Mall. Luckily, I was among the people invited to enjoy intimate high tea with Stella Rissa where we can have chit-chat with her about the new boutique.  “My objective on opening STELLARISSA pret a porter space is to make my ready-to-wear collection ready to buy. There is no point of having fashion show or different kind of exposure if the collection were not accessible to my potential customer. Being in the central of Jakarta, I hope STELLARISSA will give convenience for those who wish to find out more about my collection,” said the designer herself.

What collection is available on STELLARISSA?

The collection at STELLARISSA is the extension of ‘Woman Possession’, a ready-to-wear collection which had been showcased before during Jakarta Fashion Week 10/11 last November. This collection tends to be more casual and not being too avant-garde. It consists not only party and cocktail dresses but there are also more casual attires such as bermuda shorts, shirts.

What are the materials used to make them?

Most of the clothes are made of satin silk, duchess silk, taffeta; but I also use wool.

What are the items that become customers’ favorite?

Basic items; because they are affordable and easy to be combined with other pieces. Moreover, women can’t wear impractical attires, tight clothes, or dresses with too many details or accessories. For example, satin tank top becomes the best seller, and it comes in several choices of colors. Although they’re basic items, when you buy a designer’s piece, it always has special value which makes it an investment item.

Are there any couture pieces in STELLARISSA?

Yes. There are also cocktail dresses that have touch of couture but they don’t exceed STELLARISSA signature. They are couture because they need lots of handwork in the production. Not everyone can afford couture dresses.

How often STELLARISSA adds new pieces into the store?

Once in two weeks, there’s always something new in STELLARISSA.

What about the price range in STELLARISSA?

The price starts at Rp. 588,000 to Rp. 5,888,000. That depends on the materials used to make the clothes.

Lastly, who are the target markets of STELLARISSA?

It targets women who are confident, have strong character and personality and know what they want. Women who love simple clothes with clean cutting and androgyny style also suitable with STELLARISSA.

So, do you think you fit the characteristics above? You’d better check the store by yourself :)