Dressing Guide For Female Daily Garden Party

Planning to join Female Daily Garden Party but haven’t got the idea about the wardrobe? Worry not; you still have several days to choose your outfit. Besides digging up your closet to find anything vintage, you might also browse in your mother’s or even your grandma’s too.  But if you’re still clueless, let us help you get the idea about it through these steps:

1. Googling for “vintage style” images is the simplest step that gives you tons of ideas. There you can decide specific trend or era that interests you. Women style in the 1920s, 1960 or maybe 1980’s have their own characteristic that might inspire you. Not to forget, you can also check our article about Fashion Tempo Doeloe. After deciding the style, you may also modify it to suit you; for example you may dress like a pin-up girl with the polkadot-printed dress that isn’t too sexy or adding some items that represent today’s era to modernize your look.

2. Do you have any idol that comes from past decades? If yes, steal classic look from the actress or other other figures and adjust it with the items you already have; as example, putting on your little black dress with appropriate length to be worn in the garden party, creating a simple updo of your hair and adding Rayban sunnies to create the iconic Audrey Hepburn style.  How about wearing bow-tie shirt with puffy arms then pairing it with high waist skirt and styling your hair in finger wave to get Lucile Ball look?

3. Don’t forget to accessorize. A silk scarf tied around the neck is an easy piece that gives vintage feeling instantly. Scarf tied as hairband also right for 1960’s hippies style. Strings of pearls will strengthen your Audrey Hepburn look. While vintage inspired jewelry like bold ring will look nice on your finger. Various styles of headpiece are not only suitable for Royal Wedding guests, but also become key pieces to vintage style.

4. Don’t forget that the right makeup and hairdo can emphasize particular style. For example, mod makeup with bold eyeliner, thick eyelashes and pale lips accentuate the 1960’s feeling, and so does the big hairstyle that suits your 1980s look.

If you read my article on Women’s Fashion Tempo Doeloe you’ll also notice the beautiful kebaya that women back then wear for their social gathering. One of the easiest one to wear is a white kebaya or kebaya encim that you can easily match with a beautiful sarung in various colours. But any kebaya that is made from lighter material will be perfect as well for the afternoon garden party and don’t forget to make you move easily, cinch your sarung a little bit higher and let it fall just below the knee. To get more inspiration on the kebaya style back in the days, read through my article on Fashion Tempo Doeloe to inspire you.

Whether it’ western style or more traditional one, we’re sure you will dress to impress.

If you haven’t registered to FD Garden Party, what are you waiting for? Go straight to this thread for more detail on the event and how to join! We’re going to have a trunk show from Cotton Ink and Flats for Jade during the event as well.

Special thanks to Pond’s Age Miracle, Pond’s Gold Radiance, Pond’s Flawless White and Sunsilk who have sponsored the event.

Images from: marieclaire.co.uk, glamourous-spirit.blogspot.com, vintage-everyday.blogspot.com, chictopia.com, refinery29.com