Senayan City 5th Fashion Nation

Most fashion shows are presented exclusively in front of media people and invited guests. But the rule wasn’t applied for Senayan City Fashion Nation; where everyone could come and see the fashion show from Indonesian noted designers. This year, Fashion Nation has reached its 5th edition that brought “Fashion Traverse” as the main theme.

There were 6 Indonesian designers participated in “Fashion Traverse”, they were Ghea Panggabean, Denny Wirawan, Didi Budiardjo, Eddy Betty, Tri Handoko and Priyo Oktaviano.

“Boho Chic” by Ghea Panggabean, “Viore D’ Amore” by Denny Wirawan

Ghea was consistent in exploring Indonesian fabrics into wonderful pieces such as clothes and handbags .On the other hand, Denny Wirawan set colorful wardrobes that combined several fabric that look playful yet romantic at the same time.

“Juxtapose” by Didi Budiardjo, “Edbe Love” by Eddy Betty

Didi Budiardjo showcased numbers of attires with oriental touch on the details and motifs, as we can see from the photo of sleeveless dress above. While Eddy Betty presented not only black and white ready-to-wear wardrobes, but also pretty dresses made of colorful batik from his line Edbe.

“Color Me Block” by Tri Handoko, “Rainbow of Life” by Priyo Oktaviano

Colorblocking is in and Tri Handoko was the designer who highlighted the art of colorblocking in his collection. Unlike other colorblock combination that uses bold colors, Tri Handoko opted for soft pastel colors. Lastly, Priyo Oktaviano closed the show with his collection that resembled Japanese origami technique in beautiful vibrant colors.