Wash Your Makeup Off in a Breeze

Saturday night dinner with friends that ended with a trip to a supermarket proved to be a bliss. Even in supermarket I can still find a beauty product that I want to grab right away. As I walked by the beauty section, my eyes caught this pink bottle washing product that had a huge sticker on it.

I couldn’t resist the temptation of a multipurpose product, especially one that cleanses makeup! I don’t believe in just one product that removes makeup – balm, oil, cream, toner – whatever formula they come in, I always suggest doing double cleansing routine. Cleanse the makeup and then afterward wash your face.

However this Biore 2in1 Cleansing Wash not only will cleanse your face but also take away your makeup with it. In my heart I promised to give it an objective review that if it cleanses the makeup thoroughly, then it will have my nod.

The product comes in a very liquidy pink facial soap that, when you add a little water, will turn a little bubbly. I found it best to use it when the liquid is not too thick anymore and turn a little bit runny with feasible foam. I applied it all over my face in circular motion and saw the magic happen before my eyes as my very opaque foundation melt away with the foam. Now the very difficult task, the eyes area. What I did was massage it lightly and waited until I felt the fibers of my mascara started to disappear.

The test result came when I washed away the foam, and everything, including my eye makeup and mascara, disappeared! The only exception was my lashes, where some fibers from the mascara that I wore were still stuck between the lashes. Without doubt, it really does the double duty of a foaming wash and makeup remover.

Now the drawback, you know how soap can get into your eyes right? The only way that your eye makeup can be removed thoroughly using this product is by massaging it lightly until everything melts away. You will know this from the mascara remaining that you feel on your fingertips.

The happy news is that this only costs me Rp 34,500 for 120ml!

What I will use this for is when I come home late and am too tired to be my usual religious skincare user self. I won’t however use this on daily basis because I believe perfect skin will only come with patience and perseverance. I would however, make sure that I will have this in my skincare arsenal from now on.

It also comes in a wipe form, which probably deserve its own review.