Leather Bag from Moozee for Every Personality

Another Indonesian brand that caught our attention because they created such a wonderful collection for their Spring/Summer 2011. For this season, Mo0zee launched a series of bags created from supple leather, selecting more earthy tones with variety of finishes.

You will see structured shaped bags that look versatile but not too rigid to style. You can easily wear them for your daily routine and, because of its leather material, it will be able to carry all your belonging without being afraid that it will damage your bags.

My favourite pick has got to be this Zippi clutch that looks like the carry all clutch that I’ve written here. Finally I can find one that is easily available here! The added bonus is that it has a nice tassel to finish off the simple clutch but enough to make it just like another pouch to stash your junk. Considering the material of the clutch, which is made from leather, Rp 350,000 is really quite reasonable price.

But of course, there are other bags available for every style and personality.

1. Chain Antique Rp 1,500,000, 2. Chic Bag Rp 2,000,000, 3. Scandi Mood Rp 1,850,000, 4. Patchi Rp 350,000, 5. The Shopper Rp1,250,000, 6. Median Leather Rp 2,750,000.

The good news is if you want to see the bags for yourself you can see it at The Goods Dept because it’s available there from April onward.

For more information about Moozee bag you can visit their website www.moozeebags.com or follow them on Twitter or Facebook.