FD-ers Review on Artistry Intensive Renewing Peel

I’ve given you the review on the Artistry Intensive Skincare Renewing Peel before, now it’s time to read the review on this product from other FD-ers!

This product promises a healthier looking skin in just 8 minutes of use in 8 weeks time by using it twice a week. With the wonder of Mucor Miehie Mushroom that works to lift up your dead skin cells just until it reaches the cells where the PH is balanced, it will help to exfoliate your skin just enough without causing any irritation.

This product costs Rp 999,500 for non member price and it’s in 20ml packaging which is enough for 8 weeks or 16 times of use. But if you’re joining Amway’s Privileged Customer program you can get a distributor discount too without having to run the business. Isn’t that sweet?

If you want to know more detail about the product, you can read it on my previous post which also has a video on how to use the product. Now let’s read on what other FD-ers have to say about this product, shall we?


Skin condition: Noticeable rough looking skin, dry and dull. Very visible fine lines around the eye area too

I first tried out the Artistry Intensive Skincare Renewing Peel and pumped 8 full pumps as instructed on the leaflet. What I like about the gel formula is that it glides over my face easily, makes applying the product no hassle at all for me. Definitely no problem even from the first usage. It is also said on the leaflet, slight tingling might be experienced when I use it, which I did feel. 10 minutes later (actually the instruction said to wash after 6 to 8 minutes), I washed my face with warm water and found my face turning a little reddish. After applying toner, a few minutes later, it turned back to normal.

I have to say, honestly, I wondered how a gel could work as a peeling gel and makes a difference to my skin. I thought the process of peeling would only work with a scrub exfoliate. After my first time of usage, what’s visible for me was that my skin looked a little lighter, but not something that was significant. Using it twice a week and two weeks later, I can clearly see the difference on my skin! It looks healthier, brighter, no more dullness and definitely an even out complexion! Regular use of this product definitely makes significant impact to the condition of my skin. Now, I just love the glow that comes out of it after washing.

Starting now, I make peeling an important part of my skin care regime. No more dullness, because peeling takes away dead skin cells, and gives your face an instant glow that every girl wants to have. Artistry Peeling Gel might be on the expensive side, but I must say after a month of regular use, it is well worth the price.


Skin condition: Dry with few oily patches. Worsen because I have to stay in the air-conditioned room all day. I have dark spots on the cheeks (I saw this worsened when I was using birth control pills), wrinkles around the eyes.

I really love the pump packaging. It’s mess-free and easily gives me the correct amount of product without fearing I dispose too much or too little (8 pumps!). I also like the texture of the mask, it can easily be wiped off from the face and hands. In the packaging we’ve already been warned that the mask won’t dry completely so I find no problem in that too. Honestly I often leave the mask longer than 8 minutes because I think 8 minutes are to short of time to lie down and relax with your mask. I leave it 10 minutes more or less. I’ve been using it about 5 times now (once or twice a week). When I put it on, it instantly gives tingles, which I kinda like. I didn’t notice any dramatic difference upon first usage, but from the last 2 usage I noticed my skin is brighter afterwards and when I cleaned it, it also seemed to have a lot less dead skin cells. Also my skin doesn’t feel dry or tight after using this mask, (usually face masks do this to my skin) so it’s pleasant that I don’t have to rush to put moisturizer afterwards. But I haven’t noticed any improvement of my dark spots or overall on skin texture. I will continue using it hoping my dark spots will fade.


Skin Condition: Combination skin type with oily T-zone, the rest is normal. Occasionally dehydrated as well. I have skin discoloration caused by sun exposure.

I don’t find any problem with the formula. It’s easily spread on my face. Feels alright. I also experienced no problem during the use. No tingling, no stinging sensation. Once, I forgot to rinse right away after it stayed 8 minutes on my face. So it took me about 15-20 minutes later. But nothing bad happened. After massaging my face with wet finger and then rinsed, it still felt the same like I have done with 8 minutes use.

What I like about the peel is: easy to use. Just smooth thin layer over my face, wait for 8 minutes, massage with wet fingers, rinse. That’s all it takes.

Now, about the difference before and after using Artistry Intensive Renewing Peel. Well, I have to say I don’t feel any significant change.Yes, my skin felt supple & moist after applying this peel, but it also feels that way after I use my regular moisturizer. No, I don’t say it is a bad product, it is good in fact. Because it doesn’t make my skin drier or oilier or not good in anyway. It’s a good addition to my skincare routine.