Expert Corner: Makeup for Novice & Smokey Eyes

As we announced on Twitter a few weeks ago, we have a new Expert Corner column, hosted by none other than our favorite makeup artist, Darwyn Tse!

Darwyn is now leading a team of professional makeup artist and hair stylists in a company he co-founded called DL Artistry Management (DLAM). Not only present backstage in some musicals such as Eki Dance Company Jakarta Love Riot, Darwyn’s “magic touch” has also graced the faces of celebrities, such as Sherina Munaf.

In this column, he will answer any of your makeup-related questions. Confused about choosing the right foundation? The perfect everyday lipstick? How to blend eyeshadow properly? Drop us an e-mail to and wait for Darwyn’s answers here.


I’m a 16 years old and interested in learning makeup. I’m confuse however, what kind of make up that will suit my age?

Well the most important thing to remember is makeup should be fun, don’t stress about it, okay? : )

Dinda, you’re 16 year old, so I would suggest for you to apply makeup that have fresh and fun nuance; blush colours such as coral and pastel, eyeshadow in soft green, muted orange with a little bit of mascara and lipgloss. I don’t really recommend foundation or concealer at this point. However if you insist, I can recommend you Studio Fix Powder and Foundation,because it’s light and easy to apply.

I have small eyelids, so it makes my eyes looks sleepy. What should I do to counter this?

  • Use eye liner pencil in brown, apply it to the your lashes line just on top of it. Afterward, blend it with light brown eyeshadow and on the other corner on both of the eyelids make a wing like shape.
  • On the lower water line, draw it with eye liner pencil in white.

How do we choose lipstick or lipgloss colour that will suite our lip colour?

The best advice to just go to the cosmetic counter, especially MAC where you can try the lipstick directly to your lips. That way you will know immediately what colour will suit you the best. For lipstick colour that will give a fresh and fun nuance, try colours such as coral, soft pink, rose and soft orange.


I have always felt awkward wearing smokey eyes, somehow it looks awfully unsuitable for me because of my darken eyes area and also my eyebrows look very dominant. In MAC, my foundation shade is NC 40. So what smokey eye color would suit me the best and the product that you would recommend to create this look?

What you can do is lighten your eyebrows with MAC Brow Set in Beguile. Then apply eyeshadow in highlight color 2 shades lighter than your skin tone (Vanilla) right under the brows on the brow bones. Next, apply mid-tone brown eyeshadow all over the eye lids, after that, apply dark brown eyeshadow from the outer corner of the eyes, blending it inwards. To finish it of, use black pencil liner to top and bottom of the water lines of both eyes, and violaaaa, you have your beautiful smokey eyes! Of course you have to curl your lashes, then mascara them.