Fashion For Children With Autism

Fashion is for everyone, children who have autism syndrome and need special care are not exception. Those children actually need specially designed clothes because they are sensitive to colors, fabric texture and clothes structure. That’s why Raffles Design Institute Jakarta created Mini Bond Street, a fashion line to increase public awareness on children with autism and Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). Initially, Mini Bond Street was intended for the final project by Fashion Marketing students of Raffles Design Institute, but then it was launched for public.

Based on studies about autism, children with autism are categorized in two types: Avoider and Seeker. Avoiders usually hate being hugged, clothes label on the back of their neck and rough texture. So Mini Bond Street designed clothes that have loose cutting and made of smooth material for Avoiders. On the other hand, Seekers tend to love being hugged, touch other people and stimulate themselves by clapping their hands or whipping their hair. Body fit clothes and weighted clothes are created for them.

The products of Mini Bond Street are flat-seamed, made of organic cotton and specially designed for their daily activities. Not only for children with autism and SPD, Mini Bond Street is also dedicated to answer the need of children’s fashion that is unique and stylish. It is said that Mini Bond Street’s passion in bringing children’s fashion are planned, executed in accordance with quality standard and procedure to meet the requirement.