Our Picks from INACRAFT 2011!

The biggest handicraft trade fair in Indonesia, INACRAFT 2011 finally opened! We’re definitely in trouble because this trade fair definitely have the best items that were made in Indonesia. It’s definitely the best time of the year to dish out some money from your wallet and support local products.

The trade fair will be held from yesterday 20th until 24th April 2011 at the Balai Sidang Jakarta Convention Center. There’s an entry fee of Rp 10,000 that you will need to pay at the door.

This week, instead of giving you one product of the week, we will give you five items from the INACRAFT 2011!

1. Taqilla laptop bag, located at the JCC Main Lobby Booth No. 15 will give you a wide array of stylish laptop bag collection, mobile phone pouches and some selection of ethnic bags.

2. Aruthe & Batik Loetjoe booth located at the Plenary Hall Booth No. 22 will give you a quirky and fun clothes made from combination of batik. What’s interesting is that they don’t use only two textiles combination in one outfit, but they use plenty!

3. Kias Leather booth that is located at Assembly Hall Booth No. 3 will let your eyes feast on wonderful bags, suitcases and accessories collection made from good quality leather. This particular bag costs Rp 575,000 and it looks so sturdy and stylishly structured.

4. This batik scarf from Origo instantly caught my eyes because not only it can serve as a scarf but it has some nice metal detailing and pendant, that makes it look like a necklace. Their booth is located at Hall A Booth No. 19. It’s available in many varieties of batik textile and it cost around Rp 150,000 after discount especially for the trade fair.

5. Dyrt booth located at Assembly Hall Booth No. 63 gives you bags, laptop sleeves, office supplies and furnitures that are made from recyclable materials like billboard vinyl. Their goods are carefully designed and of good quality, as well as affordable! This particular bag only cost around Rp 190,000.

So ladies, what are you waiting for? Head down to INACRAFT 2011 and bring lots of cash with you to the trade fair because you wouldn’t want to stand among lots of beautiful handmade items and suddenly find yourself out of cash!

Few tips from us:

  1. Again we remind you to bring lots of cash, because although some booths allow you to use debit or credit card but it would be such a hassle, especially when you only need to pay for small items.
  2. Bring with you an eco bag because it will help you in stashing your purchases into one bag, instead of having lots of different bags dangling from your arms
  3. Grab the exhibition floor plan map at the entrance to know where you are and what you’re looking for.
  4. At the trade fair, there is a big tent with many food stalls lining up inside, located right before the entrance of the exhibition area. So if you’re hungry after a whole day of shopping, just head down to the area.