Be Ready For Nikicio Mixte Vol 6-Untitled

For all Nikicio aficionados and the devotees of all-black attire, you’d better watch out for Nikicio Mixte Vol 6-Untitled collection that will be launched on the first day of Brightspot Market, April 28, 2011. If you’re truly curious how the collection will be, here’s the hint from Nikicio official website: “An all black ensemble of 28 designs incorporating varieties of textures from knitwear to nappa leather, from organdy to tencel. Inspired by the Inception movie application found in iPod touch, the trip takes one to be in a limbo; a state of static but knowing everything is revolving.”

This collection states that fashion should not be defined by gender or season by offering unisex pieces such as tank top, T-shirt, jacket or shawl. Layering the clothes seems to be the key to add structure in the whole look. Some long dresses are also seen for the women’s wear. The attires look simple and there are no complicated details so they can be mix-matched easily. As the highlighted item, don’t forget to have a look of its limited transparent rectangular clutch made of acrylic. This could be owned by both men and women who are eager to carry around something different. What are you waiting for? Pick your favorite items and be ready to catch them when it’s launched.