How To: Tennis Ball Size Foam Wash

When we held our Saturday White Fever event with Menard, you might notice that some of our members are tweeting non-stop about making foam ball. So what’s really the fuss about this foam ball?

When I first use Menard Tsukika, the BA told me that in order to cleanse my face thoroughly I need to make the washing cream that is just as big as a pea into a foam as big as tennis ball. That really give me the scare. Like how is that even possible?

If you need to know why you need foam as big as a tennis ball is because your face pores are shaped like a half concave, and one bubble is needed to clean each pore. They said it’s impossible for one bubble that already sits inside your pore to jump into the next one. So in order to cleanse each and every pore thoroughly you will need foam as big as a tennis ball for the whole face. You can read my complete review about Menard Tsukika if you’re still confused.

As for making the foam into as big as a tennis ball, here’s a video on how to make it so you would believe me that it’s possible.

It’s really a lot of fun to do and you’ll know soon enough that by making your foam into the size of a tennis ball your face will feel cleaner.

With the purchase of any washing cream from Menard you will get a foaming net. What’s a foaming net? It’s a tool that will help you to make the foam cleanser to be as big as a tennis ball in no time. If manually it took me around 3 minutes and more muscular arms to come out with foam as big as that, with the foaming net it would only take me around 15 seconds! So it’s really no hassle at all once you have this tool to help you.

In Menard they have different kind of washing cream that caters for different skin condition. Other than the Tsukika Washing Cream which target for those who do not have specific skin concern, other washing product from Menard are:

  1. LS Washing Cream: A cleanser with added bonus that gives your skin brightness, lucidity and fine texture while removing the dirt and at the same time tones the skin into a healthy state.
  2. Saranari Washing Cream: Removes old dead skin cells and any dirt from your skin’s surface while at the same time protect your skin’s essential moisture. It contains ingredients such as Zymomonas Ferment Extract, GL II Extract, Soluble Collagen, Elastin and the infamous Hyaluronic Acid Amino-acid as well as Botanical cleansing ingredient.
  3. Embellir Washing Cream: Feels rich and creamy with the finest quality ingredient there is. It leaves the skin well-prepared for absorbing your moisturizer and leave your skin moist and supple for hours to come. Not only that it also helps to brighten your skin but it will also give you clearer complexion with long lasting effect. With Natural amino acid cleansing ingredient, red and black reishi extract moisturizing ingredient and BRG-N treatment ingredient. A state of the art product in terms of washing cream.

So if you’ve watched the tutorial video, feel free to try it yourself at home. Don’t forget to share your experience with us!